Common Sense is NOT Common Practice

Paperback – August 21st, 2009

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Why do you do what you do? Have you ever stopped to question yourself? Successful people are the ones who are willing to do what the unsuccessful can’t-or won’t. So don’t do what everyone else is doing. Read about what you should be doing in “Common Sense is NOT Common Practice: How to Ensure You’re ON THE RIGHT TRACK to Better Business Sense and Success.” In articles like, “What NOT to Wear to Work,” “Working in a Cube Farm,” and “The Sense of a Goose,” you’ll find this a delightful read, enjoyable and entertaining. You’ll laugh when you recognize yourself, and you will learn how to stand out from the crowd by following common sense instead of common practice!

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Crisis by Design

Paperback – August 1st, 2012

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There’s been a coup d’état.

It was not a mob of AK-47 wielding militia overthrowing a dictator in a third-world country. This one was different. On April 2, 2009 at a meeting of the G-20 in London, the fiscal autonomy of the United States (and other nations) was quietly turned over to a little known bank with a troubling Nazi past. The story of this coup sounds like something out a Ludlum novel, but this is real and John Truman Wolfe has documented one of the most enormous power grabs in history, the establishment of what international bankers call a GMA, a Global Monetary Authority. How it was done, who did it, and why, is the subject of Crisis by Design, a no-holds-barred expose of a takeover of the planet’s central banks.

Wolfe not only exposes the dark side of this operation, he tells you how you can protect yourself as well as what public policy actions need to occur to take back control of our national economic life. Wolfe does not spew economic psychobabble. Instead, he writes in a smooth and easy-to-understand style. And the message in clear-an international financial coup has occurred. We must protect ourselves as well as our national sovereignty.


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Paperback – August 30th, 2012

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Forget Apple and IBM. For that matter forget Silicon Valley. The first personal computer, a self-contained unit with its own programmable processor, display, keyboard, internal memory, telephone interface, and mass storage of data was born in San Antonio TX. US Patent number 224,415 was filed November 27, 1970 for a machine that is the direct lineal ancestor to the PC as we know it today. The story begins in 1968, when two Texans, Phil Ray and Gus Roche, founded a firm called Computer Terminal Corporation. As the name implies their first product was a Datapoint 3300 computer terminal replacement for a mechanical Teletype. However, they knew all the while that the 3300 was only a way to get started, and it was cover for what their real intentions were – to create a programmable mass-produced desktop computer. They brought in Jack Frassanito, Vic Poor, Jonathan Schmidt, Harry Pyle and a team of designers, engineers and programmers to create the Datapoint 2200. In an attempt to reduce the size and power requirement of the computer it became apparent that the 2200 processor could be printed on a silicon chip. Datapoint approached Intel who rejected the concept as a “dumb idea” but were willing to try for a development contract. Intel belatedly came back with their chip but by then the Datapoint 2200 was already in production. Intel added the chip to its catalog designating it the 8008. A later upgrade, the 8080 formed the heart of the Altair and IMSI in the mid-seventies. With further development it was used in the first IBM PC-the PC revolution’s chip dynasty. If you’re using a PC, you’re using a modernized Datapoint 2000.

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Mission ONE Million

Paperback – April 28, 2018

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Cash flow is your largest asset. Are you just letting it waste away?

People don’t think about their cash flow as being the most important asset they own.

We have our homes, our savings, and our retirement accounts. But our cash flow over the course of a working life can equate to millions—even if we think we don’t earn much per year.

Too much of our cash flow goes towards paying debt or is wasted on splurge spending that doesn’t give us any long-term financial stability.

Mission ONE Million is all about getting American families back in control of their cash flow.

It’s using twenty-first century strategies to get out of debt and build wealth.

Mission ONE Million: One Million People Out of Debt Creating Wealth One Family at a Time—the book for anyone who wants to get control of their money and create financial independence for themselves and their family.

In it you’ll learn how to:

  1. Get out of debt faster than any other debt-elimination program available today
  2. Manage that extra cash so you can start building wealth
  3. Leverage the cash you have to build financial independence
  4. Make your mortgage an asset, not a liability.
  5. Avoid paying unnecessary taxes, even in your golden years.
  6. You don’t have to compromise your lifestyle. You can create financial independence in the future using the money you’re earning now.

No matter how early or late you are to the game of managing your money effectively, you need the Mission ONE Million program.  Anyone can do it. You just have to make up your mind to get started!

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My Family Financial Miracle

Paperback – January 15, 2017

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Why Everyone Needs… My Family Financial Miracle

Imagine that you just been handed a half million dollars – cash.
You earned it over many years of hard work. For all you know,
you’re never going to make any more. What do you do?

You wouldn’t gamble in the way…
You’d be afraid to risk it on Wall Street…
You wouldn’t just park it in the bank…
And you’d be foolish to speculate with it.

In this crazy world of financial change,
you need three essential components
for your money:
Growth, Income, and Protection

Merle Gilley found himself in that exact situation. Knowing he needed to grow and protect his hard-earned money, Gilley set off on what became an arduous, 2-year journey. After many frustrating advisor meetings, countless hours of research and anguish, this determined family man discovered something miraculous – an innovative way to build a financial shield for his money. Now he wants to share his secret with you!

In My Family Financial Miracle you’ll find out how to…

• Protect Your Savings – from the devastating impact of the eight major financial risks every family faces today.
• Optimize the Returns on Your Money – with upside market potential without exposing it to the inevitable roller coaster of market volatility.
• Outsmart the Banks – and finance purchases with your OWN money while still potentially earning interest on the entire amount of the loan.
• Build a Nest Egg Tax-Deferred, Access It Tax-Free – and never worry about outliving your money.

You Can Take Control of Your Financial Future – No Luck or Guesswork Required!

Have a Coupon? Apply it on the Checkout Page.

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Own It! : Building An Accountability-Rich Culture Together

Paperback – May 1st, 2017

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“Leta Beam teaches us valuable lessons how to effectively co-create a bright future together at work by fostering and sustaining a culture full of individuals who understand the ‘owner’ mentality in the workplace. I call her leadership approach, ‘Leta-ship,’ and it reminds me and those I lead every day of the impact we can have on each other.” Kurtis McGonnell

Own It!: Building an Accountability-Rich Culture Together has author and leadership coach, Leta Beam, tackling one of the tougher yet potentially most influential issues in our workplace—accountability.

“We adults must choose to be accountable. That means it’s intrinsic, it comes from within, not without. You can hold yourself accountable but you can’t make someone else ‘accountable.’ They will choose to be accountable or not.” Leta Beam

Read and apply the knowledge and tactics imparted here in Own It! Find out how to create a culture of true, workable accountability in your office, business, even in your every-day interactions with people with tools such as

  • The Accountability Credo—where we can ultimately choose how to be at work
  • The Accountability Compass—a vital tool to help you negotiate both known and unknown territory in your every-day life at work
  • The Accountability Pre-requisites—something that must be securely in place in all our organizations.

If you are you eager to roll up your sleeves and deepen your understanding of what’s at the core of accountability…

If you are ready to replace stale habits of thought, beliefs and behaviors with a fresh set…

If you want to craft new accountability conversations and co-create accountability partnerships that will change the way you think and act in your everyday work life…

Then you are ready for the “Leta-ship” wisdom in this, the second volume of the Everyday Leadership Series—Own It!

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Seeing Excellence

Paperback – August 7th, 2013

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“. . . a terrific tribute to those in public procurement who have been role models for excellence! This is an incredible piece of work.” Rick Grimm, Chief Executive Officer, NIGP – The Institute for Public Procurement There Can be Quality in Government – The Key is Effective Teams The essence of teams is working together toward a common goal. But what makes a great team? Seeing Excellence: Learning from Great Procurement Teams offers insightful answers to that question. From brainstorming to the development of project charters through analysis, decision making, and risk and change management, you’ll find practical tools that pave the way to individual effectiveness, creativity, and leadership in group settings. Along the way, you’ll encounter exceptional people and teams who are modeling leadership, learning, and quality in government. “This is a great contribution to the body of knowledge for the profession. I wish I had this book years ago.” Ron Bell, Captain (U.S. Navy, retired), Director, Virginia Division of Purchases and Supply, Immediate Past President, National Association of State Procurement Officials Using lessons derived from effective government teams, Seeing Excellence identifies the skills and behaviors that are necessary for teams to succeed. Integrating current thinking and research in ten team disciplines, you and your team will learn the necessary skills for effective project management and continuous improvement. You can help your team succeed! Join us in finding out how! “What a wealth of information and great ideas!” Carol Wills, Contract Specialist and Procurement Card Administrator, Academy School District 20, Colorado

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Take the Lead

Paperback – March 30th, 2012

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Do you ever find yourself wondering, is this really the best that we can do together at work?

Too many of us are tired of feeling frustrated: no matter what position you hold, from the top of the organizational chart down we’re either a child or a parent at work, we’re never doing enough, we’re always finding ourselves disappointed in each other. There is help for these “same-old, same-old” blues — Take the Lead! Full-Throttle Engagement Powered by Coaching

What is full-throttle engagement?
It’s recognizing the fundamental and very important role you play in your organization — no matter what your position is, It’s caring about other people’s success as much as we do about our own—

It’s accepting responsibility for building and growing ourselves and each other

Regardless of your title, your position, your salary, or your grade level, you are not just a ___! Find out what it means to “lead from your seat”—and find out how fulfilling a work-day can be when you Take the Lead!

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The Absurdity of Compromise

Paperback – January 2, 2019

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People think compromise is a good thing.

Can anything be “good” that pushes everyone involved to sacrifice something they value?

Compromise has long been accepted as the preferred way to resolve our differences. We do it at work, as entrepreneurs, to settle squabbles between spouses, or when a mother battles a teen. No matter the problem, we go for the compromise. You ever wonder why?

In The Absurdity of Compromise, Donald Grady examines the drawbacks and challenges of conflict and explodes the myth that compromise is the win/win it’s proclaimed to be.

  • Avoid the pitfalls of talking past other people
  • Learn to listen intelligently and empathetically understand the perspective of others.
  • Stop fighting and compromising to everyone’s mutual dissatisfaction.

Want better results but haven’t quite figured out how to get there? This is the book for you.

“Today’s practices often present antagonists with one-sided solutions, leaving each feeling like losers. In Don Grady’s peace-building schemata, everyone comes away a winner. I recommend this lively book to anyone enmeshed in the field of conflict resolution, foreign or domestic.”

Robert W. Farrand
U.S. Ambassador and Deputy High Representative,
Bosnia-Heregovina, 1997-2000

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The Money Funnel System

Paperback – July 26, 2019

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Why Go Through the Hassle and Headache of Missing a Payment?

Do you constantly ask where your money went at the end of the month?

Do you ever forget to pay a bill because it was overlooked?

Do you live paycheck-to-paycheck and struggle to get ahead?

In today’s current fast-paced world, it’s hard to keep a handle on most things.  Money should not be one of them.

The Money Funnel System is a simple and effective system to gain control of your money.   Designed by a young couple who wanted to gain control of their money, they learned from their financial mistakes and hardships, and want you to benefit!

  • Gain vision for where your money needs to go.
  • Create accountability for each payment—and pay it on time!
  • Store up the excess in savings or for other needs—not because you “should” but because you can!

This is a level-headed, common sense approach to organizing money. Implement the step-by-step Money Funnel System, and freedom from financial disorganization can be yours.

If you have questions about the system and want to get in touch with us, please contact us at or visit our website at

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The Right Start: Build Your Brand to Survive and Thrive in Corporate America

Paperback – June 12th, 2020   

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Finally!  A book for the corporate newbie that sheds light on the strange and mysterious world of Corporate America…

Often the difference between the hot-shot “brand builders” who rise to corporate success and the “brand burners” who crash and burn early in their careers is seldom about intelligence or even hard work.  That would be too straightforward.

Corporate survival and ultimate success are more often about who understands the Unwritten Rules of Corporate America.  Who knows—

  • How to play the game properly?
  • What stupid mistakes to avoid?
  • When to raise their hand at the right time and in the right way to claim that shining, brand-building opportunity?

With 70+ years of combined corporate experience, Harrison and Heart share their stories of success and failure in order for the rest of us—corporate newbies and anyone who could use a primer on corporate culture—to best navigate around the common pitfalls and stumbling blocks of the early corporate years.



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Triple Your Profit

Paperback – Revised July 18th, 2019 

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Only 10% of All Companies Produce a Great Profit – What’s the Problem?
– Companies don’t know what really drives profit (Hint: It isn’t sales.)
– They think they can cut price and make it up with volume (They can’t.)
– They think that improved productivity will lead to higher profit (It never has in the past, it won’t now.)

How do you Triple your Profit?
– Focus on profit not sales.
– Don’t cut prices-ever.
– Have a plan, not a meaningless budget.

“Triple Your Profit!” contains a 4-part Profit-Improvement System:
1. A step-by-step plan to drive higher profits.
2. Twenty-One profit improvement exhibits that show how every concept works in your firm.
3. A planning template to quickly and easily develop a high-profit plan.
4. Quarterly Profit Improvement Reports to help you stay focused on profit.

“Triple Your Profit! is for those who are serious about making more money. There is no fluff, only hard, proven techniques that work. Buy it, use it, and be prepared to watch your profits skyrocket!

Bonus!!! The profit improvement exhibits are live Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets that you can download for free with purchase. Learn more at

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Viable Energy Now

Paperback – July 10th, 2009

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Alternative energy is the current favorite buzzword among politicians and others, but we don’t have a supportable and sustainable infrastructure to support it. Our political and economic systems are also too much in turmoil to be able to handle the changes needed. Yes, we need to wean ourselves off of our dependency on oil, but it will take time. We need a viable interim solution, and that is what “Viable Energy Now: When Energy, Economics, and Politics Converge” is all about. It looks at the intersection of politics and economics as it pertains to energy. It offers that all important viable alternative-clean burning synthetic fuels made from coal. It helps us understand the political and economic changes needed to make this transition to alternative fuels possible. In short, Viable Energy Now offers a set of realistic policies for us to meet the energy challenge of today and in the future. Carefully written and impeccably argued, it may just renew your outlook on politics and our ability to do something about it!

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Paperback – July 12th, 2022

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Don’t Get This Screwed up in Your Retirement

There’s a potential defect in every person’s retirement portfolio.

It can lay waste to your family and all the years of hard work you and your advisors spent building your nest egg.

Pretty much everyone gets old (unless you die young), and it ain’t cheap.

The expense of aging can wipe out everything you’ve ever worked for. Unfortunately, most advisors have a blind spot when it comes to seeing this defect.

The risk of ignoring this is not worth taking the chance.

It’s far worse than market risk, inflation risk, and taxes.

Your retirement dream can quickly morph into retirement nightmares if you don’t face this head on…before it’s too late…


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Working in Indian Country

Paperback – October 29th, 2010

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What is the First Step in Developing a Successful Business Relationship with any American Indian Tribe? Understanding that relationships come first and business comes second! That pearl of wisdom and others is what you will take away from Working in Indian Country. It is the definitive work on how to successfully build trust and long-term working relationships with tribal leaders. Born out of nearly twenty years of working with American Indian tribes both as a federal official and as a seminar facilitator, Larry Keown’s Working in Indian Country lays a foundation for relationship building based on redefining your leadership role through understanding history, trust, respect, honor, and tribal sovereignty. There is little doubt you will experience a paradigm shift in how you currently think about working with American Indian Tribes. Whether you are a government or corporate official, work for a non-profit organization, or merely have a personal interest about Working in Indian Country, this book will serve as your bible and should always be at “arms length” in your personal library. “Every organization dealing with American Indian tribes should have a line of top- management people who are familiar with the contents of this book.” Jeff Sanders Chair, Dept. of Sociology et al. Montana State University – Billings

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