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Crisis by Design

Paperback – August 1st, 2012

Ebook | $5.99 Paperback | $19.95

There’s been a coup d’état.

It was not a mob of AK-47 wielding militia overthrowing a dictator in a third-world country. This one was different. On April 2, 2009 at a meeting of the G-20 in London, the fiscal autonomy of the United States (and other nations) was quietly turned over to a little known bank with a troubling Nazi past. The story of this coup sounds like something out a Ludlum novel, but this is real and John Truman Wolfe has documented one of the most enormous power grabs in history, the establishment of what international bankers call a GMA, a Global Monetary Authority. How it was done, who did it, and why, is the subject of Crisis by Design, a no-holds-barred expose of a takeover of the planet’s central banks.

Wolfe not only exposes the dark side of this operation, he tells you how you can protect yourself as well as what public policy actions need to occur to take back control of our national economic life. Wolfe does not spew economic psychobabble. Instead, he writes in a smooth and easy-to-understand style. And the message in clear-an international financial coup has occurred. We must protect ourselves as well as our national sovereignty.



Title: Crisis by Design – The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It
Author: John Truman Wolfe
ISBN – Trade Paperback: 978-1-936449-29-3
LOCCN: 2010930683
BISAC: Business & Economics : Finance, Business & Economics : Money & Monetary Policy, Business & Economics : Personal Finance – Investing
Pages: 248
Price: Trade Paperback – $19.95; Ebook: $5.99
Trim: 5.5×8.5
Publication date: August 1st, 2012

Bestseller Status:  Amazon Best Seller – #8 in Business & Economics

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Editorial Review

"Wolfe cuts through the smoke and noise and connects some big and ugly dots, documenting his thesis that a cynical international banking cabal has actually engineered one of the greatest global financial squeeze plays yet, in order to extend its already-pervasive political, economic and mental control over the U.S. and other economies and populations. Does such a cynical cabal truly exist? Can the people behind the scenes pulling the strings be truly so selfish and evil? Wolfe mounts a plausible case for an affirmative answer. At the least, readers can get a startling insight into the ‘game behind the game,’ and how the world of ‘the major players’ and the shadowy ‘kingmakers’ might really work. Wolfe pulls no punches and names plenty of names. An eye-opening and educational read.” - Michael Baybak, Financial PR Executive

"Until the true facts of any scene are uncovered and the hidden agendas exposed, the Financial Crisis will continue like the dark clouds over Mordor. The price to pay for such an exposé is astute observation that spans decades. This story can't be understood in a snap-shot. The undermining of America, the Freedom she stands for and the US dollar is a scheme that has played out for decades....
“The final question is, "Will America have the backbone to rid itself of such repugnant criminals and fix the system before she . . . . . ? I trust with all my heart the answer is yes. Read the book! Then act!” - Ned McCrink, Orange County, Ca

"Wolfe has done a spectacular job of clearly and logically explaining the real reasons behind our current problems with inflation, the housing crisis and our economy. His understanding of the subject comes out of 30 years of experience as a financial advisor and one-time banker, and it is this breadth of understanding, coupled with a curious and meticulous mind, that provides the reader with a clear look 'behind the curtain'." - Alex Eckelberry
CEO - Sunbelt Software

“John Truman Wolfe is a first class writer and political commentator who possesses a huge intellect and never ending passion to expose the ills that plague our society. He is an ombudsman for the common man.” - Terry Jastrow, Seven Time Emmy-Award-Winning Producer/Director

“Very few individuals understand the enormity of the subversive and destructive impact on our civilization that originates from the money controllers and manipulators.

John Truman Wolfe not only understands but has thoroughly documented this situation and identified those responsible. More importantly, he has communicated the data in a way that anyone can understand.

For anyone desiring financial freedom, the material authored by Wolfe is so vital that it can be truly stated that financial freedom is impossible without a fundamental command of this data.

That is what Wolfe delivers.” - Larry Byrnes, CEO, Competence Software

"Thank you for the enlightenment. Your laser of truth will penetrate all the lies and expose the truth which we suffer in short supply. You have helped others expand their value as citizens of this great nation." - Dr. Conrad Maulfair

"You are providing an essential understanding here. We, as ’citizens,’ need to understand the increased danger of the age-old game now being played out on a worldwide level—the exploitation by the "few" of the labor and property of the many. Thank you for a clear view!" - Glen Wahlquist

"I don't like the idea that our country is so manipulated by the Federal Reserve and their cohorts in the international banking community that our Republic is dying at their whim. Thanks for enlightening us. I hope it will be a wake-up call for our citizens and urge us to take back our country." - Lloyd McPhee

"I said, ‘Wow!!!!!! I understand now—so much false data that our society puts out creates so much confusion that a person can't act on the situation. . . wondering, and figure-figure, and because they did not have the truth. I now have the truth, and can act and do something about the financial crisis." - Mary Collins

"Speaking simply and powerfully John Truman Wolfe portrays the actual sequence of events which inexorably led to the financial crisis. John successfully brings to life a tale of greed, lust and ambition, complete with Simon Legree-like protagonists dueling across the world stage. Like a great mystery novel, I could not stop reading until the bitter end!" - Pete Sokoloff, Investment Banker

"Thank you, John, for communicating truth in the midst of the chaos. It is difficult facing the condition our country is in and the destructive actions taking place within it. Your writings have truly helped to take the confusion out of the difficulty and lessened it with specific facts. You’ve not only filled in many of the missing pieces, but given who, what, where and when. Invaluable! " - Sally Prothers, Management Consultant

"One can’t act intelligently without information on which one can depend. The recent financial crises demands action. Wolfe cuts right through all the noise, naming names, places, events—all highly relevant. Riveting, a must-read if one is to regain control in an out-of-control state of affairs." - Tanii Carr, Benchmark Software, Inc.

"Your observations are so refreshing (to the point of chilling) in correctly targeting the key elements and developments! What a bracing antidote to the murky misdirections of the news media." - Tom Hall, TH Travel

"I was missing the real scene of what the Bank for International Settlements does, and what REALLY happened. You name names. You give a simple chronology of the events leading to our financial woes. You fill in the details that I’ve never seen. You pulled the cover off an amazing tangle of lies and deceits. I applaud you loudly for your well-thought-out and well-written works." - Dave Kluge

"John, this is the most PLAUSIBLE explanation I have seen and the most OUTRAGEOUS! You show how & to whom America has been sold out." - Healy Burnham, D.O., Emergency Physician

"The more truth that gets out the better. When we get enough people recognizing the truth and willing to stand up and confront these &#*%*, at that time the reality and agreements will start to shift from what has been to what could be. That is something we have all fought for in the past and what we all need to continue to fight for in the present." - Greg Andrews

"Eye-opening! Factually shows what really caused the financial crisis. It didn't ‘just happen’". - Larry Silver

"A comprehensive, detailed explanation of what led to the manufactured ‘financial crisis.’ Wolfe names the players and their motives and, like the tumblers of a lock clicking into place, the pieces of the story fell together. I only wish it was fiction" - Martha Conway, Online-Offline Public Relations

"Your book provides invaluable information that provides an understanding of what keeps this world on the financial merry go round." - Pat Luefan

"In time, the majority of upstanding good people will hear this message, and things will get very worrisome, to put it mildly, for those causing this calamity. These financial terrorists are bent on getting rid of the American middle class. Woe to those who attack American Patriots, and Freedom Lovers everywhere! Just wait until these good people learn your names........................" - Rebecca Quick, Castlereigh Kennels

"The puppets can do something to improve their lot when they know who is pulling the strings." - Sioux Hart

"Inciting rage and solace simultaneously. For the omnipresent ghost that is the financial crisis, is an elaborate orchestration by certain persons. There is much relief in seeing the mask pulled off, revealing the fool behind. Wolfe sure knows his stuff! Being a subject whose defense is confusion itself, it requires a most adroit mind to penetrate and clarify, as Wolfe has thankfully done!" – Yurii

"When the really loud noise started in 2007 about the current financial insanity, I found myself glued to the various news stations desperately trying to make sense of the mess, particularly since my business is related to housing. The more I saw, the more confused I got. When I was fortunate enough to come across John Truman Wolfe's brilliant expose it suddenly all made sense. Having realized that this debacle has a source behind it and a purpose as well, I now actually feel something can be done about it and I no longer get tossed in the wind by every opinion that comes my way. John just lays out the bare facts." - Bruce Larsen, Larsen Landscape

"What you have written and so kindly tendered, cleared away the fog and confusion in a clear, concise and riveting way. Many thanks!" - Dean

"I received your writings as a breath of fresh air in an environment so heavily polluted with misinformation and propaganda. Our personal freedoms are being stripped away from us right under our nose but the inability to understand truly who is behind this and why they are doing it makes it very difficult to take the appropriate action to counter this. Thanks for staying vigilant and exposing the truth." - Enrique Espinosa

"It’s funny to hear ‘experts’ on TV telling the ‘inside story’ of what’s caused the financial crisis and what they have to say is just a repackaged version of what the media and President have told us. It appears you have really done your homework and uncovered who is really pulling the strings." - Jennifer Gottardi

"If ever you thought the international finance scene came about because of coincidences and simply poor management, these connections show you that it could not be so and bring to view the larger picture." - Martin Weightman

“Scary and frankly shocking… but this is the first time that I got a full understanding of what is going on in the ‘underworld’ of finances. Want to really know the cause of the economic crisis? Read this book right now!" - Patrick Valtin

"Knowing what has really happened and who did it and why actually empowered more than angered me. Understanding the truth made it easier to move forward!" - Rick Manning, RM Management Consulting

"Your research regarding the crisis is mind-blowing and eye-opening. It should be taught in business schools all over the globe. If not, the next one is just a matter of time, and it will be much worse." - Yuval Ivankovski - M.Sc. CEO - Business Diagnosis Institute

"The most accurate, understandable, honest to the core, truth ‘til it hurts explanation of what is really happening in our financial universe that anyone will find anywhere." - Donna Andrus

"Hard-hitting data that opens the door to what is really going on. A must read for anyone who wants to know who and why. Infuriated me and now I know who needs to be dealt with. Severely". - Fred King

"I read the PatriotPost three times a week, and there is usually some good financial info in there from Mark Alexander. I also read the Bellinger report and others. But unlike them, you have nailed down what's actually happening to global finance and explained it in an easy-to-grasp manner; no small feat. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in a sane and understandable way." - Jere Matlock

"This information on the current financial situation and how others have manipulated the system for their own agenda is a story that the media should be providing, but for whatever reason, has not. Thank you, John, for taking the time to research and make this known and understandable." - Larry Trainor, Trainor Printing

"Having read and listened to all the media spin on the current economic situation, I was as confused as those who created the situation in the first place. Thank you for all the work you put into your articles. I read them and experienced a huge wave of relief. For the first time I could make sense of the whole scene. For the first time I didn't have the feeling I was being manipulated or lied to." - Pete Crundall

"Thank you for naming names (Goldman Sachs, Bank of International Settlements) and for seeing and telling it as it is. There is no shortage of information on our current financial crisis that almost gets it right—for me, you've got it right." - Ron Flate, Law Offices Ronald A. Flate

"In a world filled with lies and propaganda your writing keeps me connected to the truth that I can sense struggling for breath underneath all the noise." - Thomas A. Alston, Aero & Marine Tax Professionals


5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Analysis, September 9, 2010
By Dean A. Voelker (South Bend, IN USA)
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Paperback)

John Truman Wolfe gives an excellent analysis of what happened leading up to the crisis. As a banker with more than 20 years experience he provides detail in naming the characters involved. Anyone who just thinks "Blame Bush" should read this. There is much much more than what the public was told.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more, and also wants to know what we can do from here.

5.0 out of 5 stars Naming Names in the greatest scam in human history, September 19, 2010
By Bill Wagner (Portland, OR USA)
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Paperback)

There a lot of books these days that talk about this financial mess. This one is different. Mr. Wolfe goes into detail on the individuals creating this mess and paints a picture that makes a lot of sense and also gives some good advice as to what to do in the coming months and years because of it.

When enough people finally wake up to the fact that this world is run by less than a dozen insane men, then we will be able to really do something about it. Alas, the hardest thing to face is evil, and people shirk it off or can't handle it and go into denial that any such a thing could ever exist and start labeling those people as "crazy conspiracy theorists". Well, truth is always stranger than fiction. This book points us to the individuals who are carrying out the plan of our enslavers-- The World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve and Bank of International Settlements (Hitler's bank used to bank all the riches stolen from the Jews in World War II). If you care about your future as a human, then you need to read this book.

5.0 out of 5 stars Crisis by Design a True Apocalypse, January 16, 2011
By Dennis E. Homant "dennyho" (Farmington Hills, MI)
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Paperback)

A Great Read!

I have over the past few years been reading many books dealing with economics, finance and the state we are in thereof. I have read books from Hayek to Kiyosaki and in between. I want to tell you about a book that I just finished reading that you must get and add to your repertoire.

I bought this book and was unable to put it down. It deals with the source of our current financial woes and it is not what you have been led to believe. It requires courage and a long view in order to accept. Our legislatures "who have the financial IQ of road kill" certainly are not the culprits. Neither is our first black president. These are mere puppets. You cannot beat a dead horse however you can vote for competence...that takes courage too! But this is not a political commentary.

The name of the book is Crisis by Design written by John Truman Wolfe, a pen name. Some of you know him as Bruce Wiseman. He used to be the Executive Director of the Citizens for Human Rights. I trust his writings. He has a lot of integrity. This book is interesting from cover to cover. This book will dissect the events of 2007 and 2008 and 2009 and show you how they relate to the events of 1907 and 1913. The author will tell you exactly what is going on and he will name names.

In the end the author shows you what you can do not with your life, job and business but your retirement plans and reserves. He'll show you how to do many things...invest in currencies, how to open an off shore account to name a couple of them (these have always intrigued me).

So, in case you haven't noticed things are getting pretty crazy. We do not have a lot of time to sit and dream that it all gets better. Get the book. At least you will know WHO to beat with the stick and wherein to place your reserves.

5.0 out of 5 stars Rockefeller and Rothschild have struck again, December 17, 2010
By Gregory B. Bissinger (Pickerington, Ohio)
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Paperback)

This book is a must read but if you are one of those who hates to read then order the Money Masters DVD which will make your eyes pop out and make your jaw hit the pavement. If any of this surprises you then you are not alone and if it doesn't surprise you then you are not alone. This should be compulsory reading for all America.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Vital Truth, June 1, 2011
By Lee Kessler "author" (Montana, USA)
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Hardcover)

John Truman Wolfe doesn't just connect the dots of Global Financial machinations, he colors in the emerging picture so vibrantly that the reader who may know "something is rotten in Denmark," but who has no background in finance or economics, will follow the timeline and data, and discover a very vital truth.

There's a French word "insouciance" which describes the playful and satirical style Wolfe uses to help you see and face something truly terrifying. This collection of articles does all of us a genuine favor--as it sheds a relentless light on a shadowy enemy.

No government on earth is senior to this enemy, and therefore no government is exempt from its influence. And we, as Americans, are going to have to do something about it. Without information and knowledge, however, one is powerless. After you read this book, you no longer are powerless. I highly recommend it.

Lee Kessler

5.0 out of 5 stars The Right Why for Our Financial Crisis, December 4, 2010
By Valon Cross (San Leandro, CA United States)
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Paperback)

Crisis by Design is an excellent introduction to global finance and the source of our recent troubles. This is not a "bash Democrats or Republicans" book. It points out the people and institutions that have manipulated American and other countries' economies.

There is some repetition as this is a collection of published articles but that's okay - these facts don't sink in on first reading.

The book is clearly written. Where "big words" are used, they are immediately defined. There are also plenty of footnotes. The footnotes are summarized in the Endnotes at the end of the book.

5.0 out of 5 stars Economic effects everyone should know, June 25, 2012
By LARoadKing
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Kindle Edition)

Found this book very intriguing. I was very surprised at how naive I was regarding the control of our country's money and would recommend this as an eye-opener for anyone.

5.0 out of 5 stars Underestimating This Crisis is a choice!, May 29, 2012
By Top Wrench "bmolly" (FL)
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Paperback)

Wolfe makes what happened understandable in a quick easy read, somewhat repetitive ...but to the point. Most Americans believe that the FED is "Our government bank..." Crises by Design not only shreds that illusion but information regarding who directs the FED, how and why they've drained the wealth of this nation is essential for all citizens to understand.

The constitution has a provision restricting the issue and control of American currency to the U.S. government. The FEDERAL RESERVE ACT was passed in violation of that provision. If we can repeal prohibition and Glass Steagal, we can repeal the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT. There is no reason on earth why our government must be obligated to "borrow our own currency, from a private for profit corporation that granted itself the exclusive right to control our economy. Using fractional reserve lending, plus interest that could be avoided if we printed our own currency backed by U.S. taxpayer income taxes and rid ourselves of what this unconstitutional law costs, our debt would not be growing at these exponential rates.

Now, with Wolfe's expose' explaining that the bank that controls us, is controlled by a foreign super bank located in Switzerland, with Goldman thieves running that bank, warm & cozy is not how I would describe the feeling I have about it. Assuming that the American economy can rebound, as it has in the past, is foolish. Crises by Design demonstrates how the most reliable source of American wealth, (equity in real estate...or their homes) was systematically sought after and continues to be drained by the influence & control of Greenspan, who was on the board of directors of the Swiss bank at the time he was FED Chairman of the United States! Choosing to appoint Geithner indicates where President Obama stands on this. Anything the president proposes will not solve the problems we face as long as there's an outside authority with an agenda to fulfill controlling our government and our economy. Approved legislation to END THE FED, repealing THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT is the only hope we have to get back on our feet. If we end the FED, we end foreign control of our country. With Wolfe's willingness to expose the fraud and theft that is the underlying reason for our economic failures, Americans have the opportunity to consider the facts without the corporate controlled media propaganda and paid for congressional representatives who continue to blame "spending and entitlement" programs rather than the compounded daily interest that we pay for our own cash...just because the FED was able to violate the constitution, granting itself the exclusive right to print it, gaining control of this nation in the process. With no transparency & no accountability, we're not even entitled to a bank statement! Considering any reports are reviewed by members of that foreign bank's board of directors who have been in key U.S. government positions, Geithner, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers and Bernanke are the "Dillingers" of today. Only Wolfe tells it like it is.

5.0 out of 5 stars Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, February 5, 2012
By Michael Allan Scott (Scottsdale, AZ USA)
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Paperback)

These days, there aren't many of us who don't live with an underlying sense of uneasiness. And there's good reason for it. This immaculately researched work exposes a major threat to our way of life. We can protect ourselves only if we are informed. Arm yourself with the information contained in this book before what's left of your financial freedom has eroded away to nothing.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fiscal Insanity Described in Detail, January 10, 2013
By Bruce J. Kolinski (Phoenix, AZ, US)
This review is from: Crisis by Design - The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do about It (Paperback)

This is an informative book and should be required reading for any U.S. citizen who cares about fiscal sanity. Mr. Wolfe's viewpoint is original and I suspect, quite close to the mark.

5.0 out of 5 stars This is the Rosetta Stone of books, October 15, 2012
By Roberta A. Bogner
This review is from: Crisis by Design - The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do about It (Paperback)

If you only intend to read one book about the financial crisis- this should be the one. The author makes it more interesting than other financial books, obscure cultural metaphors and all. It ties together so many things I've read in many books. I cant recommend it enough.

5.0 out of 5 stars Revealing, educational, scary, September 21, 2012
By P. Mattingly "malaleche" (USA)
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Kindle Edition)

If what the writer is saying is 50% close to accurate, it uncovers the twisted, intertwined relationship between bankers and politicians and what they did to us. Of course they only took the risks that they did with the winking of the politicians who are charged to protect the public...which they failed to Barney Frank.

5.0 out of 5 stars Should be Required Reading, August 6, 2012
By Dan
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Hardcover)

For people who care what is going on, this book should be required reading. Very informative and names names, companies locations, etc. John is a very smart guy and I'm looking forward to reading his future books.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book - a must-read!, June 27, 2012
By David C. Sanders "ConsultU" (Los Angeles, CA)
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Paperback)

What an amazing story. While I'd been aware of this area before, I had no idea how it worked or what was really going on. This has been an awakening for me and I'm so pleased that I got the book. Fascinating reading, well-written and on that gives the reader x-ray vision into what's going on in the world today.
Highly recommended.

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, July 3, 2014
By Molly
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Kindle Edition)

Very informative

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book everyone needs to read, June 16, 2014
By Linda Duvall
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Paperback)

This is a great book. Everyone needs to read this. Once you read the information you will understand what exactly is going on in this country and world today.

5.0 out of 5 stars A very good read, April 13, 2014
By Gary Baren "gbaren" (Lawrenceville, GA United States)
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Kindle Edition)

Mr. Wolfe lays out a clear, concise and convincing road map to help the reader arrive at the inevitable conclusions. While the information is frightening and difficult to confront, the book leaves you with a sense of knowing that there is something that can be done and a willingness to take the next step.

5.0 out of 5 stars Very informative, February 9, 2014
By luke24.5 "luke24.5" (AR)
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Kindle Edition)

Explains details of how and why our economy is controlled and destroyed by the F.S.B. 11 bankers from 7 countries controlling the world currencies.

5.0 out of 5 stars I didn't know all this., January 6, 2014
By Peter Arthur
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Kindle Edition)

If you want to understand what happened to the financial markets and housing and who is behind the collapse of the world economy, then read this book. If you want to remain ignorant, don't read it. It's as simple as that.

5.0 out of 5 stars Required Read for Every American, October 21, 2013
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Kindle Edition)

Americans need to know that we are not the constant victims of crazy random economic events. This book confirms that we are being herded around by a small group of elites from one crisis to the next. All with a specific purpose in mind. It's time to listen to people like John Truman Wolfe, and see what we are all up against.

5.0 out of 5 stars An important book - must read, September 23, 2013
By Gareth Ellzey (Austin, TX)
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Kindle Edition)

This book delves into the manipulations that brought about and are continuing to cause the financial problems in the global arena and in the US market. Names are named. This, along with _The Creature from Jekyll Island_ should be read by any and everyone interested in the puppeteering going on behind the financial scenes. It's an easy-to-read, although not an easy-read book - the content IS very unsettling, because it exposes the facts that have been deliberately concealed from us the 'sheeple.'

5.0 out of 5 stars This is the true story of what the heck happened to this country, September 11, 2013
By RJQ2001
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Kindle Edition)

Everyone in this country should read this book. We all should be prepared to face our enemies and ban them from this country. The banksters are a blight on freedom and wealth in this country, and around the world. Get this book! It is so informative that it is almost difficult to take in all at one sitting. I have been taking my time reading this, in order to get my mind to take it all in. Buy it, learn the information contained in it, and make sure everyone you care for is informed on this data, also!

5.0 out of 5 stars Crisis by Design, June 11, 2013
By Gudrun Morgan "miraklewrkr" (Florida)
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Kindle Edition)

John Truman Wolfe did it again. Writing the Truth. Easy reading and very informational. I feel that everyone should read it.
Amazing what goes on behind our backs and for the simple reason of destruction .

5.0 out of 5 stars Should be required reading, April 11, 2013
This review is from: Crisis by Design: The Untold Story of the Global Financial Coup and What You Can Do About It (Kindle Edition)

John Truman Wolfe has explained in simple and easy to read essays how we have ended up in this spiral of economic despair and why some seemingly irrational behaviour by those in power is in fact part of a well executed and co-ordinated plan to ensure a less than desirable outcome for most of us. Anyone what a greater understanding of the current economic crises and what will happen next should read this.