Lamont Wood

Lamont Wood has been a freelance writer covering the computer and technology field or more than 30 years, writing hundreds of articles for scores of magazines, plus nine books. Wood’s clients over the years have included publications in U.S., Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Hong Kong, China, and the Philippines, including Computerworld, Smart Enterprise, Scientific American, the Chicago Tribune, and scores of others. His career made him a front-line witness to the history of the personal computer industry, putting him in contact with some of its leading figures while he reported on its events and trends. Prior to becoming a freelance writer, from 1980-1982 Wood was a publicity writer for Datapoint and became familiar with the firm’s remarkable story and the chief personalities behind it—and saw over the subsequent decades how that story was ignored or discounted by the rest of the industry. A resident of San Antonio (Datapoint’s home) Wood is married, has twin adult sons, and is a grandfather.