Leta M. Beam

Leta Beam is one of the most powerful and energetic voices for business transformation, sharing her message of full throttle engagement and leadership from every seat through coaching, teaching, speaking, entertaining and writing. She is President of Vantage International, a premier leadership and business coaching enterprise, dedicated to serving high performing professionals and organizations using a dynamic, results oriented coaching system called AdVantage. The AdVantage Coaching System challenges clients to view themselves as powerful forces in their own lives and the lives of their organizations.

Leta’s framework for success is clear and unwavering: In order for us to improve our situation we must intentionally be both different & better, not because we are told to or because someone manages, directs, cajoles or browbeats us. Rather, through our own will. Sustainable shifts are intentional and self-induced. Every seat is a power seat!

Not everyone is ready to open the throttle up and put the pedal to the metal. Yet Leta creates a safe space in which others can think about things differently and every voice can be heard. Her infectious energy helps those around her to believe that everything is possible and inspires them to more actively engage at work.

Leta partners with companies throughout the world and is recognized for an engaging style and fresh, results oriented messages. Leta has been featured in newspaper and journal articles as the “energetic woman who can beat psychosclerosis (hardening of the attitudes).”

Leta was recognized as one of the “Best 50 Women In Business in PA.” She is adjunct faculty at her alma mater, Penn State University, where she designs and delivers leadership curricula. Leta is also an adjunct professor at Saint Francis University, where she offers MBA courses in coaching, creating workplace community and talent planning.

Contact Leta at: 717.238.3939