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Own It!

Paperback – May 1st, 2017

Paperback | $17.95Ebook | $7.95

“Leta Beam teaches us valuable lessons how to effectively co-create a bright future together at work by fostering and sustaining a culture full of individuals who understand the ‘owner’ mentality in the workplace. I call her leadership approach, ‘Leta-ship,’ and it reminds me and those I lead every day of the impact we can have on each other.” Kurtis McGonnell

Own It!: Building an Accountability-Rich Culture Together has author and leadership coach, Leta Beam, tackling one of the tougher yet potentially most influential issues in our workplace—accountability.

“We adults must choose to be accountable. That means it’s intrinsic, it comes from within, not without. You can hold yourself accountable but you can’t make someone else ‘accountable.’ They will choose to be accountable or not.” Leta Beam

Read and apply the knowledge and tactics imparted here in Own It! Find out how to create a culture of true, workable accountability in your office, business, even in your every-day interactions with people with tools such as

  • The Accountability Credo—where we can ultimately choose how to be at work
  • The Accountability Compass—a vital tool to help you negotiate both known and unknown territory in your every-day life at work
  • The Accountability Pre-requisites—something that must be securely in place in all our organizations.

If you are you eager to roll up your sleeves and deepen your understanding of what’s at the core of accountability…

If you are ready to replace stale habits of thought, beliefs and behaviors with a fresh set…

If you want to craft new accountability conversations and co-create accountability partnerships that will change the way you think and act in your everyday work life…

Then you are ready for the “Leta-ship” wisdom in this, the second volume of the Everyday Leadership Series—Own It!


Title: Own It!: Building An Accountability-Rich Culture
Author: Leta M. Beam

ISBN – Paperback: 978-1-936449-98-9

Business & Economics : Leadership, Business & Economics : Workplace Culture
Business & Economics : Personal Success

LOCCN: 2017936422
Pages: 208
Price – Trade Paperback: $17.95 USD. eBook UPDF – $7.95
Trim: 6×9
Publication Date: May 1st, 2017

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Editorial Review

Sharon Savaglio
5.0 out of 5 stars  A Five Star book--a must read!
April 26, 2017

'Own It' is an easy read sprinkled with ah-ha moments throughout the book. The passion from which the author writes is evident on every page. This is truly an active participation book with key coaching questions asked throughout the book--designed for you to write your thoughts as well as a personal action plan—working right along with the author! I found the personal coach inventory enlightening regarding my own behaviors. Once you realize that certain behaviors may be toxic, helpful antidotes are suggested as a guide.

This book very much was a personal journey for me, and as an educator for our company will definitely suggest this book as a model on accountability to build upon.

This book left me excited onward to focus on being my best version of me

Definitely a fan!!!


Connie J
5.0 out of 5 stars Following up on her successful book “Take the Lead Full ...
May 31, 2017

Following up on her successful book “Take the Lead Full Throttle Engagement Powered by Coaching, Leta Beam again gives us the tools to create a culture of accountability by leading from our seats. This is a must read for all leaders in organizations who struggle to gain full accountability by all members of their team. The model she introduces in the beginning of creating a culture of owners not renters really captures the true meaning of accountability by all. Her description of the meaning of accountability and the elegant tools to assess accountability within an organization really build on the lessons from her first book. The simple guides such as the Accountability Compass, the Accountability Credo, and table of the Do’s and Don’ts that are the gentle reminders of how to achieve accountability.


5.0 out of 5 stars  A starting point for a better workplace
May 27, 2017

This book provides an alternative to the traditional method of operating modern offices, where office politics dominate and stagnation is tolerated and rewarded. The book shows what you can do as an individual, regardless of whether those around you cooperate. This book is a starting point for improving office relationships, productivity and job satisfaction for those that genuinely work to achieve those things.


5.0 out of 5 stars  If you're a leader, you want to Own this book
July 10, 2017

I'm buying copies for my entire company. As a VP with a team of various careers, talents/skills sets "Own It!" by Leta Beam is an invaluable guide. Straight to the point, clear, intelligent book.