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Triple Your Profit

Paperback – Revised July 18th, 2019 

Paperback | $39.00Ebook | $9.95

Only 10% of All Companies Produce a Great Profit – What’s the Problem?
– Companies don’t know what really drives profit (Hint: It isn’t sales.)
– They think they can cut price and make it up with volume (They can’t.)
– They think that improved productivity will lead to higher profit (It never has in the past, it won’t now.)

How do you Triple your Profit?
– Focus on profit not sales.
– Don’t cut prices-ever.
– Have a plan, not a meaningless budget.

“Triple Your Profit!” contains a 4-part Profit-Improvement System:
1. A step-by-step plan to drive higher profits.
2. Twenty-One profit improvement exhibits that show how every concept works in your firm.
3. A planning template to quickly and easily develop a high-profit plan.
4. Quarterly Profit Improvement Reports to help you stay focused on profit.

“Triple Your Profit! is for those who are serious about making more money. There is no fluff, only hard, proven techniques that work. Buy it, use it, and be prepared to watch your profits skyrocket!

Bonus!!! The profit improvement exhibits are live Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets that you can download for free with purchase. Learn more at


Title: Triple Your Profit: Stop Being a Profit Soldier and Start Being a Profit Winner
Author: Dr. Albert D. Bates
ISBN – Trade Paperback: 978-1-936449-07-1
BISAC: Business & Economics : Finance, Business & Economics : Management – General, Business & Economics : Small Business – General
Pages: 262
Price: Trade Paperback – $39.00. eBook UPDF – $9.95
Trim: 6×9
Publication date: August 9th, 2011. REVISED July 18th, 2019

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Editorial Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Powerful Little Business Book is All Content and No Fluff, October 28, 2012
By Cristina Acosta (Bend, Oregon United States)

This review is from: Triple Your Profit: Stop Being a Profit Soldier and Start Being a Profit Winner (Paperback)

Rich in content, concise, humorous and generous, this business book can change your business and life for the better. A friend of mine who reads many business books and has done very well in her business during the economic downturn said that this book was the most useful of any of the books she read and that if you can only read one business book, this is the one.

I balked at the price, but her real-life results speak for themselves so I bought the book. Before I even opened it, I was shocked at how thin it is. Its only about 1/2" thick and a paperback. No room for bull**** in this book, it' all business in the best way.

Dr. Albert D. Bates explains how accounting reveals a business' reality with such clarity and so little "mathiness" that even a dyscalculic like myself can get beyond my math phobia and really understand the concepts those numbers represent. I finally really understand why I had certain failures and successes in my past businesses.

This book is going to take me a few more readings to deeply understand. Thankfully the author's easygoing and conversational voice combined with his rigorous clarity of thought make reading this business book something I look forwards to. I highly recommend Triple Your Profit.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great for small business, August 27, 2012
By Andrew

This review is from: Triple Your Profit: Stop Being a Profit Soldier and Start Being a Profit Winner (Paperback)

The only thing I did not like about the book is the title. The text gives a very useful understanding of profit structure and how to improve yours. The style is easy to follow. The author has combined the results of years of analysis and years of trying to communicate his results into an outline for profit improvement. No ivory tower here- real world stuff. Do not forget to use the spreadsheets.