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Freedom’s Rush II

Paperback – May 20th, 2017

Ebook | $5.99 Paperback | $17.99

­The best bike is the one you’re on,
­The best road is the one you’re traveling,
­ The best destination is wherever you’re headed,
­ The best time to get there is whenever you arrive.
—db Mikkelsen


Title: Freedom’s Rush II: More Tales from the Biker and the Beast
Author: Foster Kinn
ISBN – Trade Paperback: 978-1-936449-88-0
ISBN – EBook: 978-1-936449-88-0
LOCCN: 2017935894
Pages: 306
Price: Trade Paperback – $17.99. E-Book – $5.99
Trim: 6×9
Publication date: May 20th, 2017

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Editorial Review

<em>“Reading Foster Kinn is like Bill Bryson meets Easy Rider—it’s a funny, wild and unpredictable ride worth every minute you’ll spend on it.”</em>

<strong>—Aaron Heinrich, Publisher and Editor of <em>Asphalt &amp; Dirt</em></strong>


<em>“Foster Kinn wakes you up like a rush of cool, open air. You’ll laugh at his mishaps, yet marvel at his commentary asides that are as keen and edifying as his back-roads jaunts.”</em>

<strong>—Ronald Joseph Kule, Author/Biographer</strong>


<em>“Foster Kinn is simply the greatest stream of consciousness biker philosopher on the planet today. He’s a Renaissance man on a Harley.”</em>

<strong>—Jefe Smith, Author of <em>Life, America and the Road</em></strong>


<em>“Reading Freedom’s Rush is like listening to a master storyteller regale you with tales from the road. Kinn has earned his place as one of America’s great narrative writers.”</em>

<strong>—Marc Teatum, co-author of The Biker Story Series, published by Blockhead Press</strong>


<em>“Foster Kinn artistically blends humor with his amazing ability to describe the ride, the roads, the scenes, and the tremendous joy filing his soul.”</em>

<strong>—Gonzo Gonzalez, Chairman of the Southern California Motorcycling Association</strong>


<em>“If this book doesn’t make you want to get on a bike and explore this land, nothing will; and if you can’t do it yourself, “riding bitch” with Kinn is the next best thing.”</em>

<strong>—Gary Gardner, Author and Columnist for Quick Throttle Magazine</strong>


<em>“I found countless instances about being a biker and riding I could relate to.”</em>

<strong>—Big Badge Velasquez, Co-Founder and CEO of Bikers4Books</strong>


<em>“If I ever write a non-fiction biker book, I want it to read like Kinn’s.”</em>

<strong>—Troy Mason, author of the IRON KINGZ outlaw biker series</strong>