Bitchen Chase

Paperback – November, 2021

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Bitchen Chase, a sequel to Dirt Nap Chase, is a thought-provoking book that takes the reader on a personal journey to the inevitable – growing old.  Baby boomer Chase Murdock goes through a life-changing time.  A big part of his woes is a haunting inner battle for a dirt nap, but a second wind, good whiskey and luck is a satisfactory substitute for a nap.

Author Bob Moody has captured the trials and tribulations that many baby boomers are facing today.  He takes us on an emotional rollercoaster through a likeable character who will make you laugh and cry.  The book is well-written and is worthy of 5-stars.

Carina Monica Montoya, Award winning author and founder of Writers Showcase

Chase Murdock (Bitchen Chase) is a guy you can’t help but like, and Moody’s skillful prose twists in and out of him, his desires and flaws and strengths, until he becomes one of your best friends. You want him to succeed, you want him to be happy, you want him to find love. Bitchen Chase is a story, and a damn good one, about one of the coolest characters you’ll ever meet, and about the inextinguishable power of family, friendship and loyalty.

Foster Kinn, author, Freedom’s Rush, Freedom’s Rush 2, The Poet, the Professor, and the Redneck and The Truth

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Business Travel Can Be Fun!

Paperback – May 23rd, 2017

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Having a tough time traveling?

“Business travel has been my main activity for the past 45 years. I really never thought about it as “fun,” but I must admit that, in his superb writing style, Robert Naggar has the talent to make it a riot! Please don’t tell your boss about the book because if you do, you might find it hard thereafter to get paid for your trips! Good job Naggar! Airport security searches and other travel pains will never be the same again: I’ll laugh about them all the way home!”
Joseph Ninio, Businessman, Monte-Carlo

Here are twenty-three of the many hilarious and sometimes hair-raising incidents author Robert Naggar experienced in the course of a long business life. They are all true, even the most improbable ones such as “Rough trip for Herbert.”

Intensive business travel is often tiring, boring, nerve-wrecking. But the seasoned traveler knows that nearly every journey offers that fleeting moment of drama or mirth which, when taken with the legendary sense of humor of the frequent traveler, can make each trip a memorable and often thrilling experience.

“I hence affirm with no hesitation, sustained by lots of tales to prove it: Business travel is fun!”
Robert Naggar

“I’ve been traveling on business for over forty years and, in the process, have often got upset over all kinds of problems.When I saw this title, I thought Robert Naggar didn’t know what business travel was about. This riotus book somewhat changed my outlook. Since reading it, rather than get upset, I try to identify with Naggar’s remarkable humor and relaxed style and laugh or smile at most problems. Travel is now, indeed, much more fun!”
Alex Adjemian, Businessman and World Traveler, Hollywood.

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Paperback – August 28th, 2012

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Aging is not for the faint of heart-nor for the quitters. When you get “up there,” some mornings you look at the obituaries, see a friend or loved one has passed and think “Well, I lasted longer than another one.” Or, you may find a certain sadness creep in that makes you wonder why them and not you. FarmGirl ruminates on what it means to age, but more important it looks at the world through the lens of experience-that nice way of saying many-perhaps too many-years of watching and wondering at the world. Sometimes witty, sometimes poignant, FarmGirl, like its predecessor, Rack and Wruin, will make you laugh but it will also make you think about the decisions we make in our lives and the consequences inherent in the outcomes. A mix of prose, poetry, and sundry musings, hopefully there is enough variety herein to make reading this book worthwhile. Thank you for giving it a go.

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Gods, Gloves, Popups, & Ponies

Paperback – August 15th, 2012

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One mother with a teenage boy said “Gods, Gloves, Popups, and Ponies” was like a manual for her son! Baseball dazzles us with its complexity and beauty but also for its ability to mirror so much of the human spirit. The ups and downs of the game along with its style and grace have forever been a source of inspiration to baseball fans and especially to the young people of this country. Gods, Gloves, Popups, and Ponies explores the effect baseball can have on the development of a young man’s path to manhood. It is first about how a young man discovers what it means to be awakened from the fog of his adolescent life in his life-changing summer chasing the Pony League title in 1975. It then brings the story to the present moment as we learn how baseball can help shape a young man’s character as the young boy is now a coach and we are taken through a season with the high school-baseball players he helps guide and direct. Through his many years allowing the game of baseball to mold and define his character the author brings to us a rare look at just how powerful the lessons found on the field can be to the creation of outstanding young men.

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I Have Been to Minneota

Paperback – November 5th, 2014

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“I suppose I will eventually heal
Of writing
In this life or the next.
I hope to get the blessing
Of Writers’ Block
Instead of mismatched text.”

I Have Been to Minneota is Rudyard Thurber’s third book of musings, odds and ends, and witty (and sometimes very dry), observations about our current world.

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Paperback – November, 2021

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Veteran Soldiers of Light Angelica and Stephen must face one last mission.

Their assignment? Go to Earth and save the Luminaries from the Soulests.

Who are the Luminaries? They are the artists, the creatives, the visionaries and makers of worlds. They bring light to life.

The Soulests have a different purpose–an evil one–and Luminaries stand in their way.

Prepare to join the fight against the darkest evil as a Soldier of Light.

Be the Light!

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Memories in Motion by Hannah Hilbert

Memories in Motion

Paperback – January 1st, 2012

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Arriving home from a trip, do you have souvenirs, papers, and memories you want to preserve? I discovered a fun way to organize all the souvenirs and memories into one book — and all while I was on my trip.

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Mr. Sal’s Excellent Guide: to Better Grooming, Etiquette, and the Man Rules

Paperback – May 29th, 2020

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Mr. Sal’s Excellent Guide is exactly what the title states; a concise and somewhat anecdotal guide to a myriad of topics concerning grooming, proper dress and behavior in polite society.

Along the way it is filled with number of funny stories and helpful hints that the author attributes to women who have help him achieve his desire to be the well dressed, well-groomed man about town.

The perfect gift for a young lad still finding his way in the world, it covers everything from bathing properly, skin care, proper attire for any occasion, how to buy a hat and the in and outs of dealing with the social mores of modern life. But this extended essay of good taste can offer even gentlemen of all ages some valuable tips that might have been overlooked as we journey through life.

Highly recommended for any women who would like tell her boyfriend, husband or significant other that going to a wedding or funeral in jeans and a sports jacket is highly inappropriate and better suited for a barbecue.


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Rack and Wruin

Paperback – July 25th, 2011 (Ebook Jan 15, 2015)

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A delightful collection of stories, thoughts, and poems on just about any topic you can think of. The person embodying Rudyard Thurber is a senior who has been trucking these stories and poems around for a long time. He hopes you find something interesting in here and will come back to the book often. Think of it as a sort of erudite bathroom reader. Something quick to read that leaves you pondering on the absurdities and the joys life can bring.

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The Adventures of Ricky Raton: The Baja Solar Eclipse

Paperback – January 2018

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A little mouse has stowed away on a 1600-mile road trip—will he survive?

Oma (Grandma), Opa (Grandpa), and their friend, Sheri, are going to see the solar eclipse in the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. They are traveling in their RV camper from California down to Mexico. In Don Diego’s RV park, they pick up a fellow traveler. A mouse!

“Raton” is mouse in Spanish. They name him Ricky Raton. Ricky discovers he loves munching on their granola bars, but Opa doesn’t want him aboard.

Will Ricky Raton make it back home to Don Diego’s? Or will Opa get his wish and squash the little mouse? Discover how a smart little mouse learns how to make himself at home in an RV—and nibbles his way into the hearts of everyone who meets him!

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The Long Road Home

Paperback – December, 2021

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“Ride to live, live to ride.”


The saying is a mantra for those who live, breathe and obsess over their motorcycles. Bryan

Hall got his first motorcycle license at age 18 on a friend’s Vespa motor scooter, and has never

looked back. Over the past 46 years, he has owned seven motorcycles, including five Harleys,

and has ridden over 350,000 miles on two wheels.


“The Long Road Home” tells of a near-fatal crash in 2016, followed by years of legal wrangling

and his stubborn refusal to give up riding. A fitting follow-up to his 2013 “Life Behind Bars.”

Bryan weaves an enthralling and emotional tale of his return to the road he loves.

“The Long Road Home” is a refreshing, intimate and inspirational memoir. It’s

engaging travel literature. (He covers so much of the United States.) It’s jam packed

with historical information along with broad statements on the intrinsic values of the

United States and Freedom and the Liberty to choose our own paths. Yes. It’s all


Foster Kinn, author of the best-selling Freedoms’s Rush Books



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The Poet, The Professor, and The Redneck: How Men Die, How They Live

Paperback – May 29th, 2020

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The Road – death and life, right there beneath you.

Two bikers living on the road occasionally cross paths and become unlikely friends.

One is a retired English professor haunted by an inexplicable “thing” that causes him to

feel no emotions about the violence he sometimes must commit.

The other is a happy-go-lucky, freewheeling redneck to whom there are no mysteries

in life, but who, nevertheless, carries with him a tragic memory.

Then there’s the Poet …

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The Remarkable Animal Band

Paperback – November 30th, 2013

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All the animals gathered together in a magical, mythical land, and they said, “it’s such fun making music, we should start up an animal band!”

So begins The Remarkable Animal Band, a delightful romp through a forest of animals of all kinds as they all find a way to make music together. Join in the fun as the elephant toots, a snake plays the bassoon and a bobcat plinks on his banjo “a toe-tapping tune.”

Written by a grandmother in 1965 for her grandsons, generations of family members, neighbors, and friends have enjoyed the animals as they put together their band. We invite you to join in the fun!

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The Truth, a Gathering of Short Stories

Paperback – November, 2021

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Thirteen original stories from America’s premier author of biker literature.


“Name’s Foster.

Biker, loner, occasional philosopher.

Lover, reluctant fighter, invisible man.

I play the wind, laugh at death.

Behind me, I leave mile after mile.

The road is my mistress – someday, perhaps, my demise.”

Tales of despair, solace,

And hope: Of love, grit, violence,

And the nerve to be.

It’s all here.

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The Whimsical World of Marion Wright

Paperback – August 2011

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Ever wonder what a play on words looks like in picture form? That’s what you get over and over in The Whimsical World of Marion Wright. Sometimes quirky, sometimes downright funny, author and artist Marion Wright gives you the best of her well-nourished imagination.

Wright has exhibited her work around the world, but her favorite part of any exhibit is watching people’s expressions as they go by her paintings. Some people don’t understand the work and walk right by, but others giggle and bring their friends to look. The main goal, Wright says, is to get people to smile. There is too much sadness in the world, and this is one artist’s way to help people to be happier.

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The Whimsical World of Marion Wright – Revisited: More Art and Stories by Marion Wright

Paperback – Revised August 2nd, 2018

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More plays on words in picture form…

More quirky, more downright funny…

If you enjoyed Marion Wright’s first book, you’ll love The Whimsical World of Marion Wright —Revisited!

From Neptuian Potentates to Wright’s rendition of fashions on Denver’s 16th Street Mall, you will smile,

even giggle, and walk away enjoying life’s lighter moments.

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What Once Seemed Strange

Paperback – September 26th, 2013 (Ebook Jan 15, 2015)

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From Cairo to Austin: exiled at 12, Michele Kay takes her readers on a gut-wrenching, painfully lonely, but often exhilarating journey to “home.”

Through this memoir she tells the intensively personal stories of her family’s expulsion from Egypt during the 1956 Suez Canal crisis and devastating effects of this displacement on their lives.

No matter where her nomadic life took her—London, Hong Kong, Saigon, San Francisco, Paris, Tel Aviv, Washington, Texas—Michele proved, as she once wrote: “life is a series of opportunities…to grab.” Mother of two, grandmother of five, she was often described as a “fireball who thought fast, wrote fast and spoke very fast.”

Inspiring, fascinating: a reassuring story for anyone faced with unwanted, unexpected twists and turns in life. And that would be, of course, all of us.

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When Family Calls

Paperback – September 22nd, 2017

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Long Distance Caregiving can be challenging—
and one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

No one is ever fully prepared to help a family member through a difficult illness, and aging issues, let alone prepare their loved ones for death. In today’s world many are called upon to help from afar—children, nieces or nephews, siblings and even friends. There are many “how to” books out there on caregiving but few share their story—the raw emotions, the exhaustion—but that show how, in the end, the caregiver gains wonderful gifts and a deepened love and understanding for those they help.

In her first book for adults, Caroline H. Sheppard shares her story of how she was called to oversee the care for five family members over a fifteen year period (from 1999 to 2014). Due to the physical distance between those in need and herself, she learned the ups and downs and ins and outs of long distance care and how challenging and rewarding it can be.

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Why You Don’t Mess With Texas

Paperback – July 18th, 2019

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Why Is there Such Contention Over the Texas-Mexican Border?

The border between Mexico and the United States has long been a sore spot with repercussions up to the present day.

It all started with the Texas Revolution. The end-result: Texas became the 28th state to enter the Union. But it also foreshadowed one of the darkest periods in American history.

At the end of the Mexican-American War, Mexico ceded more land to the United States than was acquired in the Louisiana Purchase, which produced other profound effects on the history of both the US and Mexico.

There are many important milestones from this war:

  • Why the slogan, “Remember the Alamo” was so powerful and rallied troops from all over the country to help Texans gain their independence.
  • How the issue of slavery in the new territories launched the American Civil War thirteen years in the future.
  • Soldiers fighting as comrades in the Mexican-American War became prominent generals, both North and South, and faced each other as enemies in the Civil war.
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Willie and the Tomato Garden

Paperback – August 8th, 2011


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How Can You Teach a Child to Willingly Share What They Love?

. . . She gave the worm a push with her round black nose. . . “You happen to be eating one of my tomatoes!” exclaimed Willie, poking her nose even closer . . .

Willie loves tomatoes, but she is not willing to share them.

Does Willie need to keep all the tomatoes to herself?

Discover how three little garden friends help Willie understand that sharing comes from the heart, and when there is a willingness to share, good things happen!

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Willie and the Tomato Garden

Hardcover – July 12th 2017

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How Can You Teach a Child to Willingly Share What They Love?

. . . She gave the worm a push with her round black nose. . . “You happen to be eating one of my tomatoes!” exclaimed Willie, poking her nose even closer . . .

Willie loves tomatoes, but she is not willing to share them.

Does Willie need to keep all the tomatoes to herself?

Discover how three little garden friends help Willie understand that sharing comes from the heart, and when there is a willingness to share, good things happen!

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