Chris Smith

Chris Smith lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and is finishing his 7th year coaching baseball at Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado. Originally from the Chicago area where he started his baseball love at the age of 7, he continues to play the game at the age of 52, finishing his 19th year playing men's adult baseball. Injured in college in his pursuit of making it to the "big show" he now works hard to teach the nuts and bolts of the game of baseball, as well as the life lessons the game has hidden inside, to the stubborn young men who only think they have it all figured out...just like he did at their age. Chris' wife Mary and two daughters indulge his passion for the game and encourage him to teach the game's lessons through fungo's and the written word.

Gods, Gloves, Pop-ups, and Ponies is Chris' first book.