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Business Travel Can Be Fun!

Paperback – May 23rd, 2017

Paperback | $12.95Ebook UPDF | $4.95

Having a tough time traveling?

“Business travel has been my main activity for the past 45 years. I really never thought about it as “fun,” but I must admit that, in his superb writing style, Robert Naggar has the talent to make it a riot! Please don’t tell your boss about the book because if you do, you might find it hard thereafter to get paid for your trips! Good job Naggar! Airport security searches and other travel pains will never be the same again: I’ll laugh about them all the way home!”
Joseph Ninio, Businessman, Monte-Carlo

Here are twenty-three of the many hilarious and sometimes hair-raising incidents author Robert Naggar experienced in the course of a long business life. They are all true, even the most improbable ones such as “Rough trip for Herbert.”

Intensive business travel is often tiring, boring, nerve-wrecking. But the seasoned traveler knows that nearly every journey offers that fleeting moment of drama or mirth which, when taken with the legendary sense of humor of the frequent traveler, can make each trip a memorable and often thrilling experience.

“I hence affirm with no hesitation, sustained by lots of tales to prove it: Business travel is fun!”
Robert Naggar

“I’ve been traveling on business for over forty years and, in the process, have often got upset over all kinds of problems.When I saw this title, I thought Robert Naggar didn’t know what business travel was about. This riotus book somewhat changed my outlook. Since reading it, rather than get upset, I try to identify with Naggar’s remarkable humor and relaxed style and laugh or smile at most problems. Travel is now, indeed, much more fun!”
Alex Adjemian, Businessman and World Traveler, Hollywood.


Title: Business Travel Can Be Fun!
Author: Robert Naggar
ISBN – Paperback : 978-1-936449-94-1
LOCCN: 2017948518
Pages: 132
Price: Paperback – $12.95. UPDF Ebook – $4.95
Trim: B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm Perfect Bound on Creme w/Matte Lam (Weight: 0.452#)
Publication date: May 23rd, 2017

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Editorial Review

“After reading his book and often laughing out loud in the process, I fully associate with Robert Naggar’s “Business Travel Can Be Fun”. As a world traveler, one cannot avoid problems. I had many and, after looking back on them, I now wish I could have seen them with the same eyes and recount them with the same vivacity and humor as Naggar’s prose. An exceptionally funny and enriching book.”
Richard Smouha, Lawyer, investment advisor and author

“While trawling the Kindle store for something amusing to read on a train journey, I came across
Robert Naggar’s compilation of humorous short stories about some of his travel experiences during the course of a long business career. I downloaded a sample, but it didn't take long for me to want to buy the book.“ Not just a seasoned traveller, Naggar is also multilingual and knowledgeable about the customs and lifestyles of many of the countries he has visited, which makes the stories informative and interesting as well as funny. I couldn’t put the book down until I’d read them all.

What I enjoyed most was his wicked sense of humour. Some of the absurd experiences he describes are hilarious, all the funnier because they happen to be true. Without being unkind, he doesn’t mince his words or give way to political correctness when describing people and situations and I found myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions. His writing is acutely visual which is why the cameos are so situationally comical. If you want a good laugh and an interesting read you will love this book. I did!"
Annie Wotton, MA Applied Linguistics B Ed Hons Dip.TESL Lecturer and Examiner in English and Education

“Business is a serious matter. Business travel can be a nuisance. How can associating the two be “fun”? Related with exceptional humor, Robert Naggar’s travel experiences are a real eye opener on character study and on the supreme importance of human relations in business dealings. Highly enriching and excellent reading”.
Mohamed Bendary PEARL TRAVEL Director, Egypt.