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IT’S NOT ABOUT THE DIET: Feel Strong and Alive Right Now!

What happens when a tiny, butterfly-shaped gland in your neck starts to malfunction?

            Taking a pill won’t fix the problem…nor will surgery. 

What’s left?

It’s called the thyroid, the “master gland of the metabolism.” When it starts to wear down, or gets overworked, or stops altogether, you feel awful. Your doctors prescribes pills—then advises you to remove the gland. It’s small. It can’t be that bad…

Desiree Goode-Green is a miracle worker! She never makes you feel bad about what you eat. She simply helps you figure out how to handle your physical ailment, mostly with food, but with some emotional and even spiritual guidance along the way. Patricia Springsteel, small business owner and single mother.

A doctor told Desiree Goode-Green she needed to have her thyroid removed. After surgery, instead of instant healing, Goode-Green watched her health deteriorate even more rapidly. She slipped into depression, experienced debilitating chronic fatigue and anxiety, and had terrible  concentration and awful mood swings.

It’s Not About the Diet  is Goode-Green’s journey of healing and outline for her health-coaching strategy. In it, she also reveals a secret she learned along the way about why dieting doesn’t work.

If you’re tired

–of taking pills

–of listening to doctors who don’t help

–of not getting better…

There is hope! You can get at the root cause and find alternative ways of healing.

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Title:  It’s Not About the Diet: Feel Strong and Alive Right Now!

Author: Desiree Green

ISBN – Trade Paperback: 978-1-948261-22-7

ISBN – eBook: same


Body, Mind, & Spirit/Healing

LOCCN: 2019916594

Pages: 108

Price – Trade Paperback: $14.95

Price – Ebook: $5.95

Trim:  6 x 9

Publication Date:  sometime in the spring, 2020