Bitchen Chase

Paperback – November, 2021

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Bitchen Chase, a sequel to Dirt Nap Chase, is a thought-provoking book that takes the reader on a personal journey to the inevitable – growing old.  Baby boomer Chase Murdock goes through a life-changing time.  A big part of his woes is a haunting inner battle for a dirt nap, but a second wind, good whiskey and luck is a satisfactory substitute for a nap.

Author Bob Moody has captured the trials and tribulations that many baby boomers are facing today.  He takes us on an emotional rollercoaster through a likeable character who will make you laugh and cry.  The book is well-written and is worthy of 5-stars.

Carina Monica Montoya, Award winning author and founder of Writers Showcase

Chase Murdock (Bitchen Chase) is a guy you can’t help but like, and Moody’s skillful prose twists in and out of him, his desires and flaws and strengths, until he becomes one of your best friends. You want him to succeed, you want him to be happy, you want him to find love. Bitchen Chase is a story, and a damn good one, about one of the coolest characters you’ll ever meet, and about the inextinguishable power of family, friendship and loyalty.

Foster Kinn, author, Freedom’s Rush, Freedom’s Rush 2, The Poet, the Professor, and the Redneck and The Truth

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Paperback – November, 2021

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Veteran Soldiers of Light Angelica and Stephen must face one last mission.

Their assignment? Go to Earth and save the Luminaries from the Soulests.

Who are the Luminaries? They are the artists, the creatives, the visionaries and makers of worlds. They bring light to life.

The Soulests have a different purpose–an evil one–and Luminaries stand in their way.

Prepare to join the fight against the darkest evil as a Soldier of Light.

Be the Light!

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Rome Never Fell

Paperback – May 29th, 2020

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Time travel is seductive. What would happen if …

but will the answer open a Pandora’s box?


“Sherrie said, ‘Let me get this straight. We are going to let a girl from

Ancient Rome that just saw a car for the first time today, drive us?’ ”

—Excerpt from Rome Never Fell


In his raucous new novel, C. R. Fabis weaves a fantastic tale of real history interwoven with some wild what ifs.

Astrophysicists major and full-time nerd Henry Gafield is busily studying the earth’s electromagnetic field in an attempt to save money on his electric bill. One of his experiments goes south, but he soon discovers that he actually shot himself two minutes back in time.

– A science experiment gone wrong.

-A gorgeous, fledging historian needs some help.

-Will the nerdy scientist finally get his wish?

While he is perfecting his discovery, he meets classical studies major and inspiring historian, Sherrie Melbourne. Henry lets the gorgeous Sherrie in on his secret. She quickly figures out that Henry can help her with a major problem. She convinces Henry to go back in time to one of the most amazing periods in human history—the birth of the Roman Empire. Henry has reservations, but he has his own designs on history.

Rome Never Fell takes the reader on a fantastical journey through ancient Rome, meeting some of the most infamous characters in all of history. While it seems as though Henry and his beautiful companions have single-handedly averted cataclysmic catastrophes, the reader may be surprised at what the present actually holds.


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Stefan’s Promise

Paperback – Sept 24th, 2019

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It’s 1968. America is rocked by assassinations, war protests and political upheaval. Alan Young, 21, is brooding over having been dumped by his girlfriend. This won’t last long. His draft notice is in the mail.

Stefan Kopinski isn’t about to let the war get in his way. He spends his days at the mercy of his reckless ambition. When fate steps in, will he finally understand what has been right in front of him for 30 years?

Stefan’s Promise is the story of Alan and Stefan. Circumstances part them, and sharply diverging temperaments further erode their bond. Yet, Alan and Stefan are wrong in supposing their friendship has ended. It’s just getting started.



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The Truth, a Gathering of Short Stories

Paperback – November, 2021

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Thirteen original stories from America’s premier author of biker literature.


“Name’s Foster.

Biker, loner, occasional philosopher.

Lover, reluctant fighter, invisible man.

I play the wind, laugh at death.

Behind me, I leave mile after mile.

The road is my mistress – someday, perhaps, my demise.”

Tales of despair, solace,

And hope: Of love, grit, violence,

And the nerve to be.

It’s all here.

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