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Stefan’s Promise

NEW Universal* Ebook, Kindle and Epub – Sept. 24th, 2019

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It’s 1968. America is rocked by assassinations, war protests and political upheaval. Alan Young, 21, is brooding over having been dumped by his girlfriend. This won’t last long. His draft notice is in the mail.

Stefan Kopinski isn’t about to let the war get in his way. He spends his days at the mercy of his reckless ambition. When fate steps in, will he finally understand what has been right in front of him for 30 years?

Stefan’s Promise is the story of Alan and Stefan. Circumstances part them, and sharply diverging temperaments further erode their bond. Yet, Alan and Stefan are wrong in supposing their friendship has ended. It’s just getting started.




Title: Stefan’s Promise
Author: Sam Rennick
ISBN – Trade Paperback: 978-1-948261-20-3
ISBN – EBook: 978-1-948261-20-3
LOCCN: 2019911024

Pages: 562
Price: Trade Paperback – $24.95. UPDF E-Book – $7.99
Trim: 6×9
Publication date: September 24th, 2019

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Editorial Review

"We were at war in Vietnam and my fiancé was drafted the day after he proposed to me. I hadn't thought of that September day for so long, and then I began Stefan's Promise. Soon I was recalling that day and others, events and circumstances shared by those of us who lived through the "tumultuous year of 1968" and the following 35 years. In the Preface, Sam Rennick states his intention to deliver a completely absorbing tale. He does!"

-D.W.G. Artist


"The author brings great sensitivity to one powerful scene after another. There is Mike Huxtable, victim of an unprovoked blow, aimlessly wandering the aisles of a drug store, day after day. There is Stefan Kopinski, half-pondering his friend's illness, half-observing the Midwestern city in which he finds himself. These scenes but two among many in this compelling novel"

-Silvia Lorente-Murphy, PhD

Professor Emerita Purdue University