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The Compatibility Code

Paperback – August 13th, 2011

Ebook | $8.99 Paperback | $18.95

With divorce rates for first and second marriages well over 50%, it’s time to take the guesswork out of compatibility. Millions of otherwise intelligent, well-adjusted women fall in love and marry men with whom they are truly incompatible. The Compatibility Code changes all that. Authors Elizabeth and Darren George, having each been part of the grim divorce statistics, set out to research the problem and find a way to reduce the risk and improve the chances of success in marriage. What they learned will surprise, if not shock, you into a new understanding of the role of love, romance, sex, communication, and more. You’ll discover how to de-bunk the myth of Prince Charming, take 3 critical steps to prequalify your guy and Pre-Fix a lasting marriage, negotiate your differences while savoring your similarities–and live your own “forever” ending! This easy-to-follow partner selection code gives you the freedom and confidence to fall in love.


Title: The Compatibility Code: An Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Dating and Marriage. Second Edition
Author: Elizabeth E. George
ISBN – Trade Paperback: 978-1-936449-11-8
ISBN – EBook: 9781936449118
BISAC: Family & Relationships : Death, Grief, Bereavement, Family & Relationships : Interpersonal Relations, Religion : Christian Life – Love & Marriage
LOCCN: 2011936446
Pages: 236
Price: Trade Paperback – $18.95. EBook – $8.99
Trim: 6×9
Publication date: August 13th, 2011

2014 CIPA Evvy Award Winner: 1st Place – Family & Relationships, 1st Place – Editing

CC-1st-Place-CIPA-Evvy-Editing150 CC-1st-Place-CIPA-Evvy-Family-Relationships150

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Editorial Review

“Myth-shattering and profoundly important! This book will completely re-write the script of how we meet and mate in North America.” —Jill Lublin, international speaker, best-selling author of Get Noticed... Get Referrals

“The wisdom in this book is what you would hope to hear while talking with your girlfriends— only better! It contains research-based, practical solutions that help guide you to make intelligent, informed choices toward the quest of happiness with a guy that’s truly right for you.” —Bonita Campbell, newlywed, Administrative Assistant, Canadian University College

“I believe in miracles and your book is exactly the miracle I need in my life right now! My ex-husband (of twenty-seven years) and I reconnected almost three months ago. Though the physical distance between us is great , the emails, long telephone calls, and frequent visits are helping us come to understand and know each other like never before. Your book is helping me take an intellectual and logical approach to evaluating the appropriateness of recommitting ourselves to each other. I am taking my copy with me the next time we meet. The piece on knowing whether the essence of each other is a match is just one of the profound components of the book. As a matter of fact, I see no reason why people who have been married for decades would not benefit from The Compatibility Code! Thank you for the bottom of my heart!” —Alice Wheaton, author of several books, including The Forgiveness Prescription: Get Rapid Relief from Fears, Anger, and Resentment

“Even though The Compatibility Code is a primarily a book for women who aren’t yet married, I can tell you with certainty that this book saved my marriage! I married my husband when I was thirty-seven years old, and while I got lucky and found someone that I’m compatible with according to “the code,” we were continually banging our heads up against one seemingly unsolvable problem. Not only did I find out what was at the root of that problem, but my husband and I are better able to handle it and many of the other little challenges to our otherwise harmonious marriage. Thank you Elizabeth and Darren for taking such care in creating The Compatibility Code. I hope other married couples find it as useful as we have!” —Patricia Springsteel, Small Business Owner, Boulder, Colorado

“My wife has noted on a number of occasions that there is a terrible shortage of common sense in our present culture. Elizabeth and Darren masterfully teach us how to apply common sense rooted in solid research to the awesome task of choosing a mate. They dismantle the cultural models of mate selection and then construct a model that can successfully enable one to “pre fix” a relationship and avoid becoming one of the 70% failure statistics for second marriages. I have spent my career preparing people for marriage and retrofitting troubled marriages. Those who will do the work of following this model will avoid the therapeutic treadmill so common today. While the Christian counselor will want to root these concepts in a biblical frame of reference, the general public will find the social research commanding.” —Howard Eyrich, D.Min., seminary professor, biblical counselor, author of Three to Get Ready: A Premarital Counseling Manual

“This book takes the guesswork out of compatibility— and the emotion out of decision-making— to help you walk confidently into a lifelong, harmonious relationship.” —Kim Bérubé, Owner and Publisher, Real Woman on the Run Magazine

“I always had the qualities that I desired in a man in the back of my mind. However, what I idealized and the type of man I was actually attracted to were quite different. Yes, I was a bad boy magnet— and didn’t know how to change—until I was introduced to this book. It has completely reshaped my thinking: I experienced a paradigm shift in what I found attractive in a man. The type of man that I idealized is now the type of man that I am attracted to thanks to Elizabeth and Darren.” —Tricia Cooper, Assistant Librarian, Mary C. Moore Public Library

“What’s love got to do with it? Not much, it turns out, until you read and apply the practical truths in this landmark book. Then go head first, and your heart will follow!” —Jeff Mowatt, Best-selling author of Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month