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Common Sense is NOT Common Practice

Ebook – August 21st, 2009

Ebook | $7.99 Paperback | $25.00

Why do you do what you do? Have you ever stopped to question yourself? Successful people are the ones who are willing to do what the unsuccessful can’t-or won’t. So don’t do what everyone else is doing. Read about what you should be doing in “Common Sense is NOT Common Practice: How to Ensure You’re ON THE RIGHT TRACK to Better Business Sense and Success.” In articles like, “What NOT to Wear to Work,” “Working in a Cube Farm,” and “The Sense of a Goose,” you’ll find this a delightful read, enjoyable and entertaining. You’ll laugh when you recognize yourself, and you will learn how to stand out from the crowd by following common sense instead of common practice!


Title: Common Sense is NOT Common Practice: How to Ensure You are ON THE RIGHT TRACK to Better Business Sense and Success.
Author: Rhonda Scharf
ISBN – 978-0-9822015-3-4 Trade Paperback
ISBN – 978-0-9822015-3 EBook
BISAC: Humor : Topic – Business & Professional, Business & Economics : Business Etiquette, Business & Economics : Secretarial Aids & Training
Pages: 186
Price: Trade Paperback – $25.00. EBook – $7.99
Trim: 5×8
Publication date: August 21st, 2009

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Editorial Review

Bernardine Ketelaars, MDiv
Executive Assistant to Bishop Ronald P. Fabbro, C.S.B.
Diocese of London

“I have found Rhonda’s writings to be educational while remaining light-at-heart. Rhonda has a wonderful way of addressing day-to-day situations, which to some may seem ‘common sense,’ but in reality are not normally put into practice. Recalling some of the tips she has put before us has helped me to make wiser decisions before taking action—not only within the office but at home and in other situations as well.”

Sue Fera
ECE Leader Northern College

“Common sense is just not that common any more. With all this new technology sometimes things (like common sense) get deleted. The little reminders Rhonda puts in this book are great to share with co-workers, family, and friends. It might just make this big scary world just a little bit nicer.”

Patty Buckner
Executive Assistant/Manager Administration Ontera

“Common sense is seriously lacking in the workplace today, but Rhonda uses it in all of her articles. That’s why it is so easy to put her ideas to use both at work and in everyday life.”

Sheila Clifford
EHS Administrative Assistant 3M Company

“Your writings are so influential. By putting your experiences in account when you write, you let me know that you are a common-sense person. I am happy to say that I enjoy being a client and look forward to turning common sense into common practice and achieve superior performance.”

Lynne Spackman, CPS/CAP
York Region

“Rhonda is always filled chock full of good, sensible advice that is relevant not only in the workplace but in day-to-day life as well. The humorous stories and anecdotes she uses make this one publication I look forward to receiving and sharing with friends and colleagues.”

Joan L. Leeson Administrative Coordinator Children’s Oncology Group

“Thanks for the stress relief you provide with your short, clear, concise newsletters. Since discovering and subscribing to your monthly e-mails, I have thoroughly enjoyed taking ‘sanity breaks’ to refresh and be reminded of the common sense ideas and practices which make our daily lives easier and better, both at home and in the office.”

Joyce Rourke Administrative Assistant Peel Region

“I always enjoy the up-to-date and relevant articles Rhonda shares. As someone with almost three decades of admin experience, I am finally looking forward to retirement in a few weeks. Many of your articles have encouraged me—some have confirmed that what I was doing was correct—and others just made me happy to be an admin professional.”

Dawn Ward
Coventry Health Care

“Not only here in the corporate world are new policies being written just about every other day, but you see it daily in the news by way of a new law or ruling. Recently we heard that no more texting while driving will be allowed…does that really need to be made into law? To me that’s just good common sense. Our new policies and laws are always in response to something incorrect, inappropriate, or just plain idiotic that someone else did. It doesn’t seem fair that everyone should be subjected to insulting and indiscriminate laws and policies because of one person that made a mistake or a bad decision. Thankfully, most of us can still rely on common sense!”

Ada Lee
Region of Durham

“I like your common sense information because you use simple and concise language and the content is quite educational, current, and applicable. You definitely provided interesting information to your readers.”

Susan Brimer, CPS/CAP
Boys & Girls Club Town of Missouri

“I always look forward to Rhonda’s advice. It is always common-sense themed and they definitely help keep us on the right track. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Sharon Desserud
Ministry of Child & Youth Services

“Rhonda brings up topics we have all thought of or complained about and tells us in her straightforward yet humorous manner how to deal with the every day annoying issues of life. Her common-sense advice, when put into practice, makes us better employees, bosses, co-workers, friends, and partners.