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She’s an outcast. No-one would ever believe her story—

—if she dare tell it anyway.

A young girl stumbles upon a wounded dragon in a cave while she’s hunting for small game. 

Is the fate the dragon offers her better than what she has?

Amelia feels like a nobody in an unforgiving world. Her alcoholic father beats her. Her mother abandoned her. Each day, anxiety threatens to break her. She learned early on that if she was going to survive, she’d have to fend for herself.

When she finds the injured dragon, she’s convinced his flames will scorch her dead the moment she gets too close. She has to find a way to survive, yet again. Will she be able to do it on her own—or can she trust a dragon enough to help her escape her miserable life?

In a brilliant fantasy of romance and adventure, new author Megan Dayton weaves a splendid tale of betrayal, epic battles, and impossible love.







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