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Triumph Over Failure and Fear: Finding Your Resilience in the Face of Adversity

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Paperback – May 14th, 2021

Ebook | $5.95 Paperback | $14.95

When you feel overwhelmed, overworked, and not sure what to do … It’s time to dig deep and find your resiliency. But how?

Sally Allen was a statistic waiting to happen. Born into a toxic environment, forced into an arranged marriage, and being sexually abused left her in a chronic state of fear and insecurity. The worst part, however, was the bondage that she created for herself-in her mind. Allen had no idea the life she led wasn’t normal. She allowed her circumstances to define who she was. She was powerless.

Through a series of events, she found her power. She discovered how to be resilient. Through the power of resilience, she made the paradigm shift: from victim to survivor, from lack of self-esteem to boldness and bravery, from people-fearing to God-fearing. From her journey of finding resilience, Allen discovered a process, and that’s the backbone of what you will read. With it, you can find your own resilience and rewrite your story the way you want!



Title: Triumph Over Failure and Fear: Finding Your Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Author: Sally Allen
ISBN – Trade Paperback: 978-1-948261-42-5
ISBN – EBook: 978-1-948261-42-5
LOCCN: 2021909287

Pages: 112
Price: Trade Paperback – $14.95. UPDF E-Book – $5.95
Trim: 5 x 8 Black & White: Crème, Paperback: Perfect Bound Matte Lam

Publication date: May 14th, 2021

2 reviews for Triumph Over Failure and Fear: Finding Your Resilience in the Face of Adversity

  1. Anonymous

    Sever things mentioned in the book NOT TRUE!

  2. Salima Motin

    Not knowing the author, the story is fantastic! But if you are someone who knows the author you would know that this is a fictional story. I guess Hugo House Publisher did not vet your story because if they did you would not be publishing this story as a true story. Let’s see where to start: the bridge (donkey city bridge) is nowhere close to the path you take to school so how you get there is beyond anyone. Furthermore, the bridge is 15 feet or so above the water so what kind of rainfall was it? Was Guyana experiencing a monsoon? In Guyana everyone walked home together it’s not like parents went to pick their kids up all the kids walk home together in a group.
    Yes, your mother was an alcoholic, but you NEVER had to go to the rum shop to get her! There is no bar in Guyana at that time it was all called a rum shop, but you conveniently forgot that I am sure!
    Who are Uncle Sanjay and Aunt Sheela? In your life there are no such people so who are you talking about…as you made up this fictional story you are making up fictional characters? The one thing that I have to agree with is that Guyana is a 3rd world country with a lot of poor people. You mentioned drinking 50 pills you claim that the family was so poor where did they get the money to buy a bottle of pills? You went the next week to get another bottle of pills, yet they were poor? You drank 50 pills and all you did was sleep and was delusional. Fifty pills should have done a lot more than making you sleep and being delusional.
    The New Testament: NO ONE! NO ONE ever walks house to house to give those books out. The New Testament was given out at school to all students so that part of the book is beyond lies. Yes, YOU were a practicing Muslim, you fast, went to Mosque…but going to church and finding Jesus should be good for you now because with the lies you do need JESUS in your life!
    Did you say that you are not close to any of your brothers and sister? Really? Come on now tell the truth! You were close to all of your sisters in Guyana, and you still are with some of them. You had a good excellent relationship with all your brothers, their wives, and children. What would prompt you to make up such lies about your childhood? Is this the truth you want your son to know? Is something wrong with you? You probably need some mental help because why would someone tell such lies and try to pass it on as the truth?
    The marriage so you knew nothing about it (this is all so laughable) because did you remember dressing up going to work that day because you know J was going to be at the house when you come home so you wanted to look nice for him so that he accepts you? I am sure that you don’t remember that. Think about it if you didn’t marry J where would you be today? What would your life be like today? You would have still been in their 3rd world country correct? NO one forced you into that marriage you went into that marriage willingly.
    Being married I will not comment on that because I don’t know your married life, but I know that you were not faithful to J who were you having an affair with  who encourage you to leave J come on now tell the truth. Chris Allan, don’t you want to know whose name she was using? You should!
    You want to relate to abused children/girls you don’t have what it takes to relate to them because you did not experience it, let someone who actually experiences what you want to make up relate to them. Someone like you will NEVER know the pain abuse children feel because you have too many made-up stories stored in your head!
    The scrap you eat! It’s all so laughable! Did you ever consider writing jokes? I think you will do good at it because I find this book so laughable and funny at the same time. Didn’t you eat with the children of that family daily? Tell the truth, didn’t all of you sat at the table and eat together? The story in your head is saying no….how sad!
    Chores: you did all the chores in the house? Didn’t each one has a chore to do in that house before they go to school? Same with you? How did you manage to go to school and do all the chores at the same time?
    Writing this review is a complete waste of my time but I do think that your readers deserve to know the truth!
    For someone who lost their mother at 12, you surely lived the Cinderella!
    Chris Allan, get your wife mental health check!

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