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The Heart of a Hummingbird

Hardcover – September, 30 2017

Hardcover | $29.95Ebook | $9.95

A great fire rages on the African grasslands, driving all the animals into the open for safety.  Enemies must come together and figure out what to do. King Elephant has an idea , but will it put out the fire?  A little hummingbird dares to offer another solution—but no one wants to listen to him.  Will King Elephant finally pay attention to the little bird, or will the animal’s homeland be destroyed?

In a beautifully illustrated book, an ancient African folk tale from Ghana comes alive through the grandfather storyteller (modeled after the author’s own grandfather who related this story to him many years ago), teaching children and adults alike what it means to have courage in the face of overwhelming adversity, of standing up for what you believe even when no one listens.  The Heart of a Hummingbird will capture your imagination and empower you to always find a solution—no matter what!

All author proceeds are donated to The Human Factor Leadership Academy in Ghana, Africa.

$17 is tax deductible through Institute for Human Factor Development (IIHFD). You will receive notification from IIHFD.


Title: The Heart of A Hummingbird
Authors: Senyo Adjibolosoo, Ph.D., and Jason Jenkins, MBA
Illustrator: Diane Woods
ISBN – 978-1-948261-04-3 Hardcover
Approximate Pages: 30
List Price: Hardcover – $29.95. eBook UPDF – $9.95
Trim: B&W 8 x 10 Perfect Bound, on white, standard color interior, w/Matte Lam cover (0.484 lbs)
Publication date: September, 30 2017

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