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Little Worlds: Constructed of Magic, Vol. 3

Paperback | $17.95 Ebook | $7.95

 Perhaps you have powers way beyond imagination.

Not the ability to fly, or X-ray vision, but nevertheless terrific powers, powers of empathy and kindness, the ability to make another whole, to pick up the pieces and put a man together again.

Just perhaps, just imagine.

This book of poetry, Little Worlds, is about worlds of your own creation where you personally create wonder.  Using the medium of poetry – a concentrated language – Little Worlds endeavors to give us a glimpse into the magnitude of our own ability.  And if it were so, what if…

What if…

What if?

Much love,

Louis Swartz



Title: Little Worlds: Constructed of Magic: VOLUME 3
Author: Louis Alan Swartz
Illustrator: Diane Woods

ISBN – Trade Paperback: 978-1-948261-23-4
ISBN – eBook: 978-1-948261-23-4

BISAC: Poetry : Inspirational & Religious, Poetry : General, Religion : Spirituality – General

LOCCN: 2014959925

Pages: 222
Price – Trade Paperback: $17.95
Price – Ebook: $7.95

Trim: 6×9 B&W content on Crème paper with Matte Lam color cover
Publication Date: 10/22/2019



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Editorial Review

“This book is a celebration of life.” - Gary Epstein, Life Coach

An AMAZING book of poetry.  The beautiful words and stories go straight to the soul.  Reading some of it each day is such a pleasure, spiritually enhancing and healing.  I’ve never read a book quite like it.  I feel it is my new wonderful friend. The book is physically lovely, with scrumptious art.” —Carole Eddington, Reviewer

The author conveys that each ordinary life is extraordinary if led with grace, beauty and knowledge.”—Lois Carra, Educator

There comes a book like this one every now and then that touches the human soul. The illustrations are detailed, exquisite. A treasure of a book!”  —Mary Rensberry