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The Adventures of Ricky Raton: The Baja Solar Eclipse

Paperback – January 2018

Ebook | $3.95 B&N Paperback | $9.95

A little mouse has stowed away on a 1600-mile road trip—will he survive?

Oma (Grandma), Opa (Grandpa), and their friend, Sheri, are going to see the solar eclipse in the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. They are traveling in their RV camper from California down to Mexico. In Don Diego’s RV park, they pick up a fellow traveler. A mouse!

“Raton” is mouse in Spanish. They name him Ricky Raton. Ricky discovers he loves munching on their granola bars, but Opa doesn’t want him aboard.

Will Ricky Raton make it back home to Don Diego’s? Or will Opa get his wish and squash the little mouse? Discover how a smart little mouse learns how to make himself at home in an RV—and nibbles his way into the hearts of everyone who meets him!


Title: The Adventures of Ricky Raton: The Baja Solar Eclipse
Author: Sandra Zink
Illustrator: Sandra Zink
ISBN – 978-1-936449-01-9 (softcover)
ISBN – 978-1-936449-01-9 (e-book)
Pages: 48
Price: Softcover – $9.95 UPDFE-Book – $ 3.95
Trim: 6×9
Print specs: Std. color on white with Matte Lam.
Publication date: Jan 1st 2018

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