The Constructed of Magic Trilogy

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Paperback – December 1, 2019

The Constructed of Magic Trilogy

Volume I, Constructed of Magic helps you recover from loss and disappointment and enables you to love and to live again.

Volume II, Magic Realized concerns the restoration of the power and vast ability of you as a spiritual being – the full magnitude of your individual greatness.

Volume III, Little Worlds is about your ability to create universes.

If in reading this trilogy you get some inkling of your personal magnificence, my purpose for writing it will be achieved.


Reviews of Louis Swartz’ Poetry

 What a writer! What a tender, sophisticated universe. I felt transported in a world of beauty and kindness. Mr. Swartz, you are a soothing angel. FF

 Louis Alan Swartz writes beautiful and meaningful poems about life, death, immortality, spirituality and living. His words are well chosen and he often touched me deeply with his sentences. I had tears in my eyes while I was reading about death, I admired the poems about the elderly, I adored the lines about children and I devoured the verses about spirituality.  SL

 It was really a spiritual experience, reading this book.  I couldn’t put it down! AA

 I have read all of Louis’ poetry, and re-read it often.  It transports me to the universe I want to live in, reminds me of who I am, gives me strength and joy. JG

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Title: The Constructed of Magic Trilogy: Constructed of Magic – Volume 1, Magic Realized – Volume 2, Little Worlds – Volume 3
Author: Louis Alan Swartz
Illustrator: Diane Woods

ISBN – Paperback: Volume 1 – 978-1-936449-65-1
ISBN – Paperback: Volume 2 – 978-1-936449-46-0
ISBN – Paperback: Volume 3 – 978-1-948261-23-4


Pages: 650
Price – (3) Paperbacks bundled together: $53.85 Full Retail – PACKAGE price $37.75 (30% OFF)

Trim: 6×9
Publication Date: December 1st 2019

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Diane Woods (Illustrator)

Illustrator, Diane Woods, fell in love at the first sight of Willie in a photograph sent to her by author, Jane Helen Cooper. She and Jane have delighted in the entire process of bringing Willie and the Tomato Garden to life. May you share their delight in this story of an adorable dog who learns a valuable lesson about sharing.

Diane was born in Winona, MN, raised in San Francisco, graduated high school in Poitiers, France, and has adored living in the wine country north of San Francisco where her daughter, Kenna, lives. She now loves living and painting in Austin, TX. Her work may be viewed at:

Author Picture

Louis Alan Swartz

Louis Alan Swartz has devoted his life to helping people realize the magnitude of their ability. He has traveled extensively in Africa, India, Europe, and the Middle East. He lives in Los Angeles with Connie, his wife of thirty years.


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