Constructed of Magic

Paperback – January 11th, 2015

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What Would Life be Like if You Knew You Were an Immortal Spiritual Being?

“It is my viewpoint that each man has his own unique magnificence regardless of race, religion, nation, tribe, station in life, customs and beliefs…,” so writes poet, Louis Alan Swartz.

Constructed of Magic and Other Poems on the Immortality of the Human Spirit is a refreshing collection of poems that explore the beauty of who we are as spiritual beings. Our ability to love, dream, create futures, even die with dignity are all part of who we are and why we are here. These poems don’t pretend to give final answers to any of the big questions about life, but they do help us to look and come to our own understanding.

“This book is a testament to the poet’s vision-an understanding and appreciation for the spiritual and aesthetic nature of mankind….There is a peaceful calmness that cascades over me when I read the joy that Louis Swartz communicates in these poems. I invite you to share that experience with me.” Bernard Percy Educator, Speaker, Author.

We invite you to discover the magic in these poems that are infused throughout with a terrific appreciation of humankind. As Swartz concludes in his introduction, “If by reading them, one individual is able to get an inkling of the actual length and breadth of his ability to do good, my purpose in writing them will be achieved.”

Louis Alan Swartz has dedicated his life to helping others find their ability as immortal spiritual beings. He has traveled extensively in Africa, India, Europe, and the Middle East. He lives in Los Angeles with Connie, his wife of twenty-eight years.

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Little Worlds: Constructed of Magic, Vol. 3

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 Perhaps you have powers way beyond imagination.

Not the ability to fly, or X-ray vision, but nevertheless terrific powers, powers of empathy and kindness, the ability to make another whole, to pick up the pieces and put a man together again.

Just perhaps, just imagine.

This book of poetry, Little Worlds, is about worlds of your own creation where you personally create wonder.  Using the medium of poetry – a concentrated language – Little Worlds endeavors to give us a glimpse into the magnitude of our own ability.  And if it were so, what if…

What if…

What if?

Much love,

Louis Swartz


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Magic Realized

Paperback – April 21st, 2017

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You are much more beautiful than you ever imagined.

You are wiser, more compassionate and of greater use than, in many cases, you have been taught to
believe. Your dreams matter. Your personal pursuit of happiness matters. You matter.

You are an immortal spiritual being. You have a unique, personal magnificence. It is my viewpoint that
poetry is a concentrated and direct language with which that special wonder that is you can be addressed
and drawn out.

This book is about your capacity to love; to be amazed and
astonished. It’s about the unacknowledged grace that you
possess. It concerns your native potential to create.

This book was written with the purpose of communicating to
the untapped magic inside of you; the special personal artistry
that belongs to you.

My intention in writing this book was to speak to the miracle
that is you.

Much Love,

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Messages in a Bottle

Paperback – August 2nd, 2017

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What messages would you send to yourself ?

This is a book of poetry for people who believe that there is more to life than meets the eye; that wonder lives around every corner, and that the human spirit contains far more resiliency than it’s ever been given credit for.

“Messages in a Bottle: Communications to My Future Self,” is a gripping, life-changing collection of messages from acclaimed poet, Michael Graves. It spans the gamut of love, death, politics, social upheaval, art, hope, humor, brass-tacks metaphysics and more. There is power in these words, and there are valuable lessons in this book.

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Reflections on a Crystal Wind

Paperback – June 15th, 2016

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Take a wild poetic ride through a landscape of unexpected emotions.

“Reflections on a Crystal Wind” is Michael Graves’ much anticipated foray into the realm of “off line” literature. His unusual approach to poetic subjects spans the spectrum from the cerebral to the deeply erotic and has won the hearts of thousands of online readers.

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The Constructed of Magic Trilogy

Paperback – December 1, 2019

The Constructed of Magic Trilogy

Volume I, Constructed of Magic helps you recover from loss and disappointment and enables you to love and to live again.

Volume II, Magic Realized concerns the restoration of the power and vast ability of you as a spiritual being – the full magnitude of your individual greatness.

Volume III, Little Worlds is about your ability to create universes.

If in reading this trilogy you get some inkling of your personal magnificence, my purpose for writing it will be achieved.


Reviews of Louis Swartz’ Poetry

 What a writer! What a tender, sophisticated universe. I felt transported in a world of beauty and kindness. Mr. Swartz, you are a soothing angel. FF

 Louis Alan Swartz writes beautiful and meaningful poems about life, death, immortality, spirituality and living. His words are well chosen and he often touched me deeply with his sentences. I had tears in my eyes while I was reading about death, I admired the poems about the elderly, I adored the lines about children and I devoured the verses about spirituality.  SL

 It was really a spiritual experience, reading this book.  I couldn’t put it down! AA

 I have read all of Louis’ poetry, and re-read it often.  It transports me to the universe I want to live in, reminds me of who I am, gives me strength and joy. JG

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The Heart Has No Rules

Paperback – January 2022


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How do you set your heart free?

Love and truth.


Magic and power.

Poems that touch your soul.

Easy to read poetry that anyone can relate to.


Quite intriguing to see how she combines love with rage, season, senses, time, nature and other elements to execute fine poetry…

Ruchi Acharya, editor Wingless Dreamer

 …a powerfully tender adventure—poignant and honest, at times ethereal, and often, quite often, profound.

D.J. Houston, Author of Havenwood Tales

Every poem in “The Heart Has No Rules” touched an emotional chord in me.

Daniel Quillen, author

Deeply personal while at the same time universally relevant.

Daniel Jacobs, Amazon #1 author




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