Struggle for the Union

Connecting the Causes and Conflicts of the American Civil War

Paperback – September, 2023

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How “United” was the United States of America before and after the Civil War?

The Civil War was a defining moment in our history.  It’s not just because the North won and slavery was abolished in the South.

The struggle for the Union is as alive today as it was in Lincoln’s time. The intense differences of opinion between North and South about the role of slavery in the nation eventually brought the South to secede from the Union to protect its economic interests. But those in the North, loyal to the Constitution and a united America, resisted the demands of the South, which led to the Civil War. It was a conflict of irreconcilable differences that nearly cost us our democracy.

Struggle for the Union: Connecting the Causes and Conflicts of the American Civil War takes a deep dive into social history, looking at what people thought about the war at the time.

Some questions the book makes you consider:

Why did the Civil War happen? Was it about slavery? Or states’ rights?

Was Grant a drunkard? Why did the Union lose so many battles until Grant took command?

Why did the Battle of Gettysburg cause the most casualties of any single battle in U.S. history?

How important was Grant’s defeat of the fortress at Vicksburg, Mississippi?

How did Grant win the battles against Robert E. Lee in 1864 and gain his surrender at Appomattox, ending the war?

How did Sherman’s March through Georgia break the will of the Confederates?

There are still pockets of resistance to embrace fully-integrated African Americans into our social order, but in order to heal, it is vital we understand the political differences that led a nation to fight against its own countrymen.

Sandra Zink has written an account of the American Civil War that is organized by year and the battles that occurred. The book is easily understood but can also be used as a scholarly reference to understand the complexities of the events and the generals of the war.

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Why You Don’t Mess With Texas

Paperback – July 18th, 2019

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Why Is there Such Contention Over the Texas-Mexican Border?

The border between Mexico and the United States has long been a sore spot with repercussions up to the present day.

It all started with the Texas Revolution. The end-result: Texas became the 28th state to enter the Union. But it also foreshadowed one of the darkest periods in American history.

At the end of the Mexican-American War, Mexico ceded more land to the United States than was acquired in the Louisiana Purchase, which produced other profound effects on the history of both the US and Mexico.

There are many important milestones from this war:

  • Why the slogan, “Remember the Alamo” was so powerful and rallied troops from all over the country to help Texans gain their independence.
  • How the issue of slavery in the new territories launched the American Civil War thirteen years in the future.
  • Soldiers fighting as comrades in the Mexican-American War became prominent generals, both North and South, and faced each other as enemies in the Civil war.
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