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Rick Pontz

Rıck Pontz was born in western Massachusetts and spent twenty-five years living in Plymouth, better known as America's Hometown or Home of the Rock. He traveled internationally for over twenty years as a business consultant and is the author of two business books, Just Grow Up! And The Truths, Myths, and Secrets of Marketing Products in the Lawn & Garden Industry.
Plymouth and Cape Cod have a rich and quirky history, so during his long flights and lag time at airports he entertained himself by writing short stories based on his love of exploring Cape Cod and listening to multi-generational locals he met tell him about their ancestral families, local folklore, myths and mysteries of the area. Th is is where the characters of his first novel, 103 Pilgrims came from and where local storylines were developed.
Rick now lives in Arizona but still spends time every year visiting extensive family and friends in Plymouth and on Cape Cod developing the next mystery that will perplex Tony Tempesta, Susan Phoenix, and Mike Kennedy.