Jennifer Buchanan

Inspirational, refreshing and hope infused - like a vitamin pill for the spirit - Jennifer Buchanan brings music to her audience in a revolutionary way.

Packed with successful strategies for home and work, her book and presentations provide each audience with opportunities to feel less stressed, more motivated and happier.

Presenting to health care agencies, professional groups, family caregivers and educators, Jennifer is a recognized expert on the wellness benefits of music for children, adults and seniors.

Jennifer is instrumental in the implementation of hundreds of music therapy programs through her well-established company JB Music Therapy - currently serving over 1800 clients a week through the efforts of her specialized team - 18 staff in total.

As an author, Jennifer has contributed to the text books Creating Connections in Nursing Care Through the Arts and the Autism Handbook 101 and now TUNE IN!

Jennifer is a proud Member of the Global Speaker's Association and is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Jennifer Buchanan, as an international speaker, author, business owner, wife and mother believes that music can celebrate with us, help us through difficult times, and speak for us when words are not enough.

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