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Applicants must also complete a psychological assessment and meet the medical requirements specified in the law enforcement standards found at the link below before receiving a job offer. The dealer notes that beyond the physical demands, there are also educational credentials. General Requirements – With such an abundance of natural and wild beauty, it`s no surprise that becoming a game warden in West Virginia requires both physical, educational and other training requirements. Applicants for the position of game warden (called natural resources police officer) must be able to pass physical endurance tests, including strength, endurance and swimming elements. Other requirements include a license to operate a motor vehicle in West Virginia, passing regular firearms qualification exams, psychological assessments, and a polygraph exam. The Agency has the right to hire up to six new officers in the current class. There are certain minimum requirements to qualify for training. A candidate must be able to complete 28 sit-ups in one minute and 18 push-ups in one minute. It should be noted that these must be in “good and due form”.

Physical demands also require that the applicant be able to run a mile and a half in less than 14 minutes and 36 seconds. Finally, you must be able to swim 37.5 meters fully clothed. Fitness tests will be held May 17 and 18 at the South Charleston Community Center. West Virginia is geographically and demographically one of the smallest states in the United States. The state`s largest city is the capital Charleston, and the largest metropolitan area is Huntington (WV)-Ashland (KY)-Ironton (OH); But even these are small compared to other cities and metropolitan areas in surrounding states. The U.S. Census indicates that Charleston`s population is less than 52,000 and Metro Huntington`s is nearly 370,000. West Virginia has 55 counties that have many small towns and villages, as well as unincorporated areas. Fish and game wardens are usually assigned to a geographic area, such as a county or part of a county. Assist and assist in the training of new officers in their first field work and assist with non-routine enforcement activities. Interpret fishing and hunting laws for the general public encountered during patrols, as well as sports clubs and other community groups, and participate in conservation education programs. Ability to track, apprehend and detain offenders who may be recalcitrant.

Approval: To apply for this particular job, a driver`s license issued by West Virginia is required. People have to keep a driving record, which is good. Well-prepared candidates for fish and ranger positions in West Virginia are familiar with the various species of fish and wildlife commonly found in the state. According to the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, more than 50 species of amphibians and reptiles, 70 species of wild mammals, 178 species of fish and nearly 300 species of birds inhabit the state. Hunting species include deer, bears, wild boars and wild turkeys, although many other small game and poultry are also hunted or captured. Sport fish include largemouth fish and small mullets, crappie, musk, trout and pike. Must be licensed to drive a motor vehicle in West Virginia. Must be able to swim 37 1/2 meters fully clothed. Must pass the regular firearm qualification and may need to pass annual physical examinations. Must pass a physical, psychological and lie detector test to determine the applicant`s suitability for employment as a police officer for natural resources and general law enforcement duties. West Virginia has more than 50 state parks, state forests, and wildlife management areas, as well as more than ten national parks and recreation areas, including: Founded: 9/16/93Title modified: 7/1/2010 by Senate Bill 1003Revised: 2/15/95, 10/5/2000, 7/1/2010Effective : 7/1/2010 “It`s great law enforcement work, especially if you like to set your own hours and are motivated and like to work without guidance,” says Trader. “That`s the kind of people we`re looking for.” Can collect orphaned, injured, sick or annoying wildlife for appropriate disposal, transport or movement.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, local, state and federal law enforcement officers, and the public For more information on physical mobility testing, contact the Natural Resources Enforcement Division at (304) 558-2784. Click here to find out which online game master training opportunities in West Virginia are right for you! “Now I`m here and I can do it all the time. I can check on people who hunt and fish, deal with hunters and boaters so I can train budding hunters and boaters in the state, and all of that is very important to me. Sgt. Joshua Parsons says that while a bachelor`s degree is still the norm, the minimum qualifications to join the WVDNR have been changed for people who do not have a bachelor`s degree. Individuals who are full-time or part-time law enforcement officers have an associate degree with two years of continuous military experience or four years of continuous military experience can apply now. West Virginia lies entirely in the Appalachians, making it one of the most mountainous states in the country. Its mountains, rivers and plateaus create a beautiful place to live and work. For people who enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, rafting, mountain biking, skiing, or other outdoor activities, West Virginia offers an endless playground with opportunities. The temperate climate allows for a wide range of outdoor activities for each season. Have you looked for information on how to work as a ranger in West Virginia? We`ve put together some important information for you on your way to working as a ranger in West Virginia.

A West Virginia ranger, also known as a Natural Resources Police Officer, can have a fulfilling career. Please read this information carefully. We want you to succeed. Legal and Foundation History: In order to continue the application process, applicants must pass an intensive background check; Urinalysis and lie detector tests could be part of the background check process. reviewing applications and issuing licences and authorizations, such as pet, import and breeding authorizations, or commercial or menagerie licenses; inspects the plant to ensure that licence conditions continue to be met. Duties – West Virginia Rangers are responsible for a variety of duties, including enforcing state rules and regulations for hunting, fishing, and other activities related to the conservation and protection of the state`s natural resources. They also play a huge role in educating the public about various aspects of natural resources within the state, such as hunting and boat safety education.

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