Weird Laws in Chad

Since modernization and industrialization began only decades ago, Africa`s conservatism is best reflected in its laws on religion. Most African countries have strict Muslim laws that protect the Islamic faith. This is particularly evident in Morocco, where non-Islamic religious documents are not allowed to enter the country and preaching these religions is a serious offense. Similar restrictions apply in Egypt. In addition, in Mauritania, renunciation of the Islamic faith is punishable by death and confiscation of all property. Needless to say, one should never criticize or insult Islam in Africa, otherwise you would risk your life. Even the most advanced countries like Eritrea allow its citizens only to practice the dominant “registered” religions. Reports suggest that followers of less popular disciplines such as Jehovah`s Witnesses have been arrested and prosecuted for their faith. Overall, religion is a particularly sensitive issue in Africa, and tourists are advised to keep their faith to themselves. Every state, country or continent has strange laws.

Today we discovered these very funny tweets about 11 very strange and hilarious laws in Africa. Cape Town – Every day, people are arrested for breaking the law in Africa, but there are countries that are known to have unusual laws, so foreigners think twice before putting themselves on the wrong side of the authorities. There is no doubt that Africa is one of the most mysterious places on the planet. This vast continent is home to more than 1.2 billion people and is blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes. With places like the oldest meteor scar on the planet, the wonders of the folded mountains and the ancient rocks of Barberton, Africa is an extremely charming place. It also offers unique experiences such as sunset safaris, swimming with whale sharks and of course the annual Great Migration. However, visitors should also be prepared for severe culture shock. Strange foods, strange rituals and strange centuries-old traditions. What you see in documentaries is just the tip of the iceberg of weirdness that comes from this civilization. Due to their bureaucracies, legal systems, and the persistent poverty of the colonial era, African countries also have countless ridiculous laws.

Okay, every U.S. state has its own weird laws, but these countries really choose the “weird” counter on a shocking 10. Africa has some of the stupidest laws in the world. Here are some of the most bizarre laws in Africa. Legislation prohibits tourists and locals from interacting with bears in South Africa. Bear control is illegal and you cannot participate in organizing or viewing this activity. While it is not illegal to keep bears as “pets,” it is explicitly illegal to take them to public or private beaches. This may be reasonable in North American cities, but bears are not native to the African continent and not a single bear has wandered the lands of the sub-Saharan region for more than 1 million years. Where does the South African government expect these bears from? Maybe backpacking bears from abroad flying in business class. South Africa`s bear laws will remain one of humanity`s most bizarre mysteries.

While the above laws are mostly serious matters, there is also an endless list of stupid African laws that are simply strange. Leave air on the road? Yes, the floor is illegal in Malawi under the air fouling legislation. Carrying old chewing gum? You cannot do that in Somalia if you stick to your nose. Do you install a mousetrap in your cheap Moroccan hotel? You should also eat the mouse for dinner, as killing mice is only legal for consumption. Perhaps, as an experienced traveler, you would prepare for your trip by exchanging money in advance? No chance if you visit Morocco, which prohibits any local currency over $100 from entering or leaving the country. On the other side of the coin, it is also illegal to walk around Kenya without money. Each of these “laws” simply pollutes all common sense and logic. We have prepared 15 of the most bizarre laws in Africa. Act with caution and don`t let your insightful trip to Africa open the prison doors as well.

The highway code is the most basic form of law and Africa is already characterized by the highlighting of oddity. Urban planning is not the best in North American cities, and traffic can sometimes become hectic. However, they do well with effective traffic control. Conversely, South Africa has imposed a curfew banning all heavy vehicles on the road at certain times of the day. This can be counterintuitive, as some of these modes of transport transport much-needed supplies to less accessible parts of the developing country. Have you ever seen ducks and geese cross the road? Well, cattle also have an official right of passage in South Africa. Not all animals have this privilege, but only horses, mules, donkeys, goats, pigs and. Ostriches. Violating this at any time and anywhere would result in a hefty fine of nearly $300.

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