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If you drive your ATV or UTV on public land, road, road, or highway in Utah, it must be registered. A road-approved ATV or UTV must meet the requirements for title, odometer reporting, vehicle identification, licence plates, registration and emissions testing. “},{“_id”:”CZMK42WBNJCB7B66KWJAOZWR6Q”,”type”:”header”,”level”:2,”additional_properties”:{“_id”:1668787944103,”comments”:[],”inline_comments”:[]},”content”:”Misaligned incentives”},{“_id”:”3TGFGDWNIREN3M3RFAQRI6UOLM”,”type”:”text”,”additional_properties”:{“_id”:1668787944104,”comments”:[],”inline_comments”:[]},”content”:”Agricultural producers tend to own primary rights to water where they operate and have little reason to do less than to use their allocated share. In fact, using less jeopardizes their water rights under the Utah Water Act.”},{“_id”:”J3UTC56UH5D5ZKN64W6WOEFSQU”,”type”:”text”,”additional_properties”:{“_id”:1668787944105,”comments”:[],”inline_comments”:[]},”content”:”You have to prove that you used your water, even if you own the water rights,” Reese says. If you don`t take the water away when you`re not using it, the state will come and bring it to someone else, so most farmers will still use all their water.””},{“_id”:”C4652C2TJZDZNMJUE2JJOK56JY”,”type”:”text”,”additional_properties”:{“_id”:1668787944106,”comments”:[],”inline_comments”:[]},”content”:”Because producers are neither rewarded for saving water nor penalized for overexploitation. That`s because producers don`t really pay for the water they use. They pay a price per share to the canal companies that remains the same, regardless of the amount of water delivered to their fields. These payments cover debt debts, canal operation and maintenance, but not the water itself.”},{“_id”:”CSCR6POAPNHL5IPJ6EYPEO5UPQ”,”type”:”text”,”additional_properties”:{“_id”:1668787944107,”comments”:[],”inline_comments”:[]},”content”:””What farmers do is what makes economic sense given their incentives,” says Lozada. If you are a farmer, what is your most important contribution? Water, and it`s basically free, apart from the low cost of transportation and transportation. You would surely use a lot of them. Carmel on Thursday November The pricing system will do it,” says Lozada. “If it is more advantageous for the farmer to sell his water to the state than to use it to grow alfalfa, then he will do it.””},{“_id”:”URHQIISAWZFPROIFBKSGUOFAB4″,”type”:”text”,”additional_properties”:{“_id”:1668787944110,”comments”:[],”inline_comments”:[]},”content”:”But are dry farms what the Utahns want? Agriculture advocates argue that everyone benefits when productive agriculture benefits from open space and wildlife habitat near cities. Alfalfa supports farmers in the Heber, Ogden, Weber, Cache and Long valleys who might otherwise sell their land to real estate developers.”},{“_id”:”QQM7OWTX5FA6HPGLQBG2Y2DH2Q”,”type”:”text”,”additional_properties”:{“_id”:1668787944111,”comments”:[],”inline_comments”:[]},”content”:”More subdivisions would stretch into the scenic getaways of Utah and the more remote cities would be emptied.

It`s fair to say that rural Utah would be very different without alfalfa, and not for the better from Dusty Reese`s point of view.”},{“_id”:”5WVCEEBBX5ABXGQICD2DYO7S4I”,”type”:”text”,”additional_properties”:{“_id”:1668787944112,”comments”:[],”inline_comments”:[]},”happy”:”Most of us hope that our children can come back to work on the farm. There aren`t many job opportunities in these rural areas, and agriculture is one of them,” says Reese. “If you take away agriculture and logging, ghost towns are created in these areas because there is no way for people to work in the community and work with and in the countryside.””}],”created_date”:”2022-11-14T20:41:34.842Z”,”revision”:{“revision_id”:”TRSI53IV7NDAHPN2KAVAHBMN6E”,”parent_id”:”HCBUM6SL5VBKLKXH4QX6ZZ5NZI”,”editions”:[“default”],”branch”:”default”,”user_id”:”gburningham@sltrib.com”,”published”: true},”last_updated_date “:”2022-11-29T15:56:09.145Z”,”headlines”:{“basic”:”A crop uses more than half of Utah`s water.

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