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It is a very good school with good facilities. Wide range of courses to choose from, including the medical field. While the college is best known for courses such as hotel and restaurant management, they now produce highly skilled graduates in physiotherapy and nursing. By dani ducayag (March, 2018) | Answer The cool climate of Baguio City has never failed to inspire students for the unique university life it promises. In the foreground is one of Baguio`s leading universities – Baguio University. University of Oregon tuition and tuition fees are based on residence, student classification (bachelor`s, graduate, etc.) and number of credits enrolled. Tuition and Non-Admission Fees (NCRs) are based on residency, course level, and number of credits enrolled. Select your term, student classification, and residency status to see the tuition fee table that applies to you. The tables show tuition fees by semester. Baguio University (UB) is a private university located in the city of Baguio in the Cordillera region. It was founded in 1948 by Dr. Fernando Gonzaga Bautista as the Baguio Technical Institute. Since its inception, the institution has shaped its name as one of the best universities in the region.

UB offers a wide range of bachelor`s and master`s programs covering the fields of economics, criminology, law, healthcare, dentistry, engineering and architecture, communications, education, computer technology, hospitality, and tourism. It also offers over twenty (20) associate, certificate and diploma programs. UB is also open to basic education with its Laboratory Elementary School, High School, Science High School and Senior High School departments. Guided by its vision to provide a balanced quality education by promoting academic excellence, relevant social skills and ethical values in a fun learning environment, UB is expanding and innovating its programs with a series of Level IV, III, II and I accreditations. The institution also welcomes passers-by and topnotchers in various licensing committee exams. Baguio University Facts: I am pleased to let you know that Baguio University is the best place. a career. I studied and graduated as an engineer in 1985, but before that I was at UB PREP HIGH It was great to be an alumnus of this institution. the faculties of human resources and management.

Keep up the good work. By Ajr Corpuz (Feb, 2017) | Constantly on the lookout for trends in its various areas of expertise, UB prepares its students for the ever-competitive world of work that awaits them after university. The knowledgeable faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, harmonious family culture, healthy campus policy and healthy academic competitions perfectly complement the cool climate of the country`s summer capital, making learning fun and rewarding. This school has a friendly environment and the education they give is really good! Endorsement! By Vince Tabor (Jul, 2017) | Answer Baguio University (UB) is a private, Filipino, multidisciplinary, autonomous, ASEAN 2015 and K-12 Ready university in Baguio City, Philippines. It was founded by Dr. Fernando Gonzaga Bautista and Rosa Castillo Bautista on August 8, 1948 as the “Baguio Technical and Commercial Institute” with 80 students. In 2000, the student population was approximately 18,000 students in higher, secondary and primary education. UB`s School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety (SCJPS) has become one of the top criminological institutions in the country and has consistently recorded remarkable success rates over the years. SCJPS has always produced and continues to produce the best players, ranking UB among the most successful criminology schools in the country. Our students come from different regions and countries of the world. UB is among the top picks made by some of the world`s most promising students.

Our teachers are accomplished teachers who educate, inspire and guide our students. At the top of our teaching list are highly qualified professionals who are honed through regular continuing education and motivated to perform better through semester assessments conducted by their respective deans, subject managers and students. Our facilities create a dynamic and engaging learning environment for our students. UB is the only private school in Baguio City that has a Junior Olympic pool for students and teachers. As of 2017, UB has 10 schools and offers 55 degree and non-degree programs: 26 bachelor`s degree programs, 4 master`s programs, 3 doctoral programs, and 22 associate, certificate and diploma programs. UB also has a laboratory primary school, a high school, a science high school and a high school. “What changed me the most was when I joined the UB Debate Society. It certainly helped me talk. It established my leadership potential. – Pia Gutierrez, ABS-CBN journalist | For more information, see: “What changed me the most was when I joined the UB Debate Society. It certainly helped me talk. It established my leadership potential.

– Pia Gutierrez, ABS-CBN journalist | For more information, see: read more less UB was granted autonomous status by the Higher Education Commission on 11 March 2009, the first non-denominational university in the Central African Republic to receive such status. This makes UB one of 42 selected private universities to achieve an autonomous status of 2,000 nationwide. The field of International Hotel and Tourism Management offers a wide range of exciting activities and experience in hotel and restaurant management as well as tourism support and administration. At Baguio University, the School of International Hotel and Tourism Management prepares you to be the best in the field, providing you with world-class training and experience – from comprehensive local educational excursions to international on-the-job training. Baguio University welcomes students from all walks of life, races and religions. In more than six decades of existence, UB has nurtured generations of students from Baguio City, the greater Cordillera region, the rest of the country, and at least 19 foreign countries. School of International Hotel and Tourism Management Registration procedure Settle accounts (if applicable).

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