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Our full-time contract staff can assist you with your long-term and recurring legal and compliance projects. At Choice Specialists, we recruit and place talented, experienced and motivated people. As the largest recruitment and staffing firm in the entire state, our Dallas legal recruitment firm is able to attract the best and brightest candidates from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond to find the best candidates for our clients. We quickly realized that flexibility would also be one of our biggest benefits during this time. The need for contract staff was fluid and changed daily. In fact, more than a third of the deals we closed during the pandemic came from law firms that never thought about hiring contract lawyers. We know the importance of equipping smart, reliable employees with skills and professionalism. This is a level of service you may not get from a legal recruitment agency. Today, law firms and legal departments that have integrated solutions such as contract staffing over the past 18 months are looking to strengthen their organizations for the future. Here are some lessons they learned.

We identify people with the skills you need and the ability to fit perfectly into your business. As an office agency, we know how important adjustment is. That`s why we use our experience and resources to attract the right candidates, ask the right questions, and streamline the process for you. “We had recently filled two positions with your candidates, and we were very impressed with their professionalism and friendliness. The way you have made this time-sensitive and delicate process very smooth and efficient is greatly appreciated. They are now our most important reference when you need new employees, whether temporarily or full-time. In addition, I would like to commend you for your commitment and ability to understand our staffing needs given the time constraints and complexity of our organization. There are dozens of legal recruiters covering the Boston market.

They are about to entrust you with the course of your entire career. How do you know if you`ve chosen the right one? Call the recruitment coordinator at a major Boston law firm or the career services team at your law school and ask which Boston recruiter is the most respected in the area? Legal Staffing Solutions will be their recommendation. The ability to increase and decrease the size as needed is a real advantage for any legal organization. A law firm should never have to turn down deals based on volume, and a corporate law team should always be able to meet deadlines and commitments, no matter how much work is in progress. Also, keep in mind that the same technology that allowed lawyers to work remotely also supports team building. Virtual town halls, team management, clear workflows and processes form the basis for successful projects and partnerships. The vast majority of our candidate clients, companies and corporations are located in the Boston area. We specialize in placing partners and partners in leading law firms, with a particular focus on relocating top legal talent from external markets such as NY and DC to Boston. Over the years, we have completed hundreds of internships at: Temporary Workers. Increase productivity while reducing costs. Temporary legal staff allows you to adapt to the changing needs of the business. At the same time, excessive overtime and labour shortages are avoided.

The recruitment and placement specialists at our Dallas, TX law firm take pride in building relationships with our clients and understanding their workplace and staffing needs. This allows us to find candidates who we believe will not only meet their needs, but exceed their expectations. The fact that many of our clients return to us again and again for their temporary and long-term staffing needs shows us that they trust and appreciate our award-winning legal staffing agency in Dallas TX. Prior to the pandemic, some legal departments and law firms may not have considered hiring contract lawyers. They had enough staff and cost was not a key issue. But the pandemic has changed that. Given the volatility of the talent market and growing legal demand, we expect contract staffing to become even more important to law firm strategy through 2022. Are you an employer looking for support in a project-related mission? A lawyer looking for a position where you can use your skills and experience? Frontline can help. Our legal recruitment agency places lawyers all over the country.

Our Dallas law firm surveys hundreds of people every week and has a growing database of thousands of active and qualified candidates, including those working in all areas of the legal industry. We also obtain a large portion of our qualified candidates through recommendations from our legal contacts. This helps us recruit people with the track record of success our clients need. “Our human resources department recommended Burnett Accounting Specialists to help us fill a vacant credit analyst position. I was a little skeptical about hiring a recruitment firm to fill an important position for us, but the Burnett team jumped at the chance and asked questions about the qualities and level of experience we were looking for. We received several resumes to fill the vacancy and began the interview the same week. We quickly found the candidate we were looking for, brought him in and were very pleased with the results. Soon after, we had to fill another analyst position with slightly different skills. Again, Burnett quickly got us the resumes we wanted and arranged interviews. We filled this position within a week and were very pleased with the results.

I am happy to recommend Burnett to anyone who needs timely performance by presenting pre-qualified candidates for temporary or full-time employment. I am absolutely confident that they will exceed your expectations. This spring, we reached out to experienced corporate counsel to get their perspective on the challenges of 2020. The Tower Legal Solutions GC Survey 2021 found that GCs worked with PSOs in 2020 to reduce external legal fees, do more work internally and address gaps resulting from hiring freezes and employee departures. And 100% of respondents said they achieved their goals through these commitments. Given that these leaders have identified controlling external legal expenses and increasing internal productivity as top priorities for the future, they will likely continue to rely on contractual obligations to support them. Contract naming makes this possible for many law firms and corporations. Some led successful HR strategies with contract lawyers in 2020. Others – around 30% of organisations using contract staff in 2021, according to Tower Staffing tally – are doing so for the first time. They realize that the extra talent can help them manage an increasing number of projects and cases. fill gaps due to vacation, vacation and sales; and provide expertise for special engagements.

Legal Staffing Solutions was founded in 1998 by Robert C. DeLena, Esq., one of the country`s most successful legal advisors. M. DeLena became an investment consultant after several years as an attorney at Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault, LLP and Peabody & Arnold. He is a graduate of Northeastern University School of Law, Trinity College and Governor`s Academy. One of the most important lessons the legal industry has learned from the pandemic is that lawyers and other professionals can be just as productive, if not more so, when they`re not in the office. This new model of remote work gives law firms and businesses the opportunity to take full advantage of contract talent no matter where they are in the country. “We had several difficult positions to fill, and your responsiveness and willingness to meet our staffing needs shortened our staffing time. Your expertise in the industry is evident in the quality of the candidates you submit. If you would like to learn more about our services for your law firm, legal department, or other legal needs, you can contact our Dallas TX law firm at 214-823-5057 or through the contact page on our website. The Choice Specialists team looks forward to working with your business.

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