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Rusty Coati: In Search of the Great River

Softcover – May 29th 2020

Ebook | $9.95 Paperback | $19.95 Hardcover | $29.95


In the opening story of the Rusty Coati series, a young Rusty sits on the branch of a giant kapok tree. From there, it looks like the Amazon forest goes on forever and ever.

Rusty is ready for a grand quest. He wants to find the Great River Old Boris talks about. Legend has it that the river is so wide it cuts the world in two!

Saying goodbye to his family and friends, the courageous ring-tailed coati sets out into the vast, scary, and sometimes dangerous wilderness.  Will he ever find the river and understand the true meaning of the ancient tale? Will he make it back to his valley to tell his friends?


Rusty Coati is a very curious creature and wants to know more about his home, the great Amazon jungle. He embarks on a number of bold adventures and overcomes daring challenges with the support of some trustworthy friends he meets along the way.

The  Rusty Coati stories are authored and wonderfully illustrated by Aldo Galli who had the honor of bringing to life the 40th anniversary edition of Richard Adams’ Watership Down, one of the best-selling novels of all time.

Aldo Galli wants to use his art through the medium of children’s books to help parents and kids discover the treasures of the Amazon rainforest and learn how important this place is in our world.





Title: Rusty Coati: In Search of the Great River
Author: Aldo Galli

ISBN – 9781948261333  (hardcover)
ISBN – 9781948261340 (softcover)
ISBN –  9781948261340 (UPDF e-book)
LOCCN: 2020906837
Pages: 64
Price: Hardcover – $29.95, Softcover $19.95, UPDF E-Book – $ 9.95
Trim: Premium Color 8.5 x 11 in or 280 x 216 mm Case Laminate on White w/Matte Lam

Publication date: May 29th 2020

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“Aldo tells a classic-style adventure tale with hints of Kipling’s Jungle Book, and Aesop’s Fables, and merges it with the educational wealth of an Amazon nature guide. The lushly illustrated jungle, full of indigenous flora and fauna, immerses the reader into the world of Rusty Coati and his rainforest friends. My kids are all grown up, but I would have loved taking them on this adventure when they were younger!”

Joe Sutphin, New York Times bestselling illustrator,

Word of Mouse, Raffie on the Run, and many others.


“Aldo Galli has created a delightful adventure with a curious coati named Rusty! Beautifully illustrated and full of unusual jungle animals, this story also sends an environmentally important message about the value of the Amazon rainforest at a time when it is most threatened. There’s also a very useful glossary to help young

readers build their vocabulary.”

James Cesarini, an avid Watership Down fan and

discerning reader of children’s books.