My Family Financial Miracle (Bulk Books)

Updated edition for financial representatives – with all disclaimers and citations added and no FFM registry.


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Why Everyone Needs… My Family Financial Miracle

Imagine that you just been handed a half million dollars – cash.
You earned it over many years of hard work. For all you know,
you’re never going to make any more. What do you do?

You wouldn’t gamble in the way…
You’d be afraid to risk it on Wall Street…
You wouldn’t just park it in the bank…
And you’d be foolish to speculate with it.

In this crazy world of financial change,
you need three essential components
for your money:
Growth, Income, and Protection

Merle Gilley found himself in that exact situation. Knowing he needed to grow and protect his hard-earned money, Gilley set off on what became an arduous, 2-year journey. After many frustrating advisor meetings, countless hours of research and anguish, this determined family man discovered something miraculous – an innovative way to build a financial shield for his money. Now he wants to share his secret with you!

In My Family Financial Miracle you’ll find out how to…

• Protect Your Savings – from the devastating impact of the eight major financial risks every family faces today.
• Optimize the Returns on Your Money – with upside market potential without exposing it to the inevitable roller coaster of market volatility.
• Outsmart the Banks – and finance purchases with your OWN money while still potentially earning interest on the entire amount of the loan.
• Build a Nest Egg Tax-Deferred, Access It Tax-Free – and never worry about outliving your money.

You Can Take Control of Your Financial Future – No Luck or Guesswork Required!


Title: My Family Financial Miracle: A New Way of Thinking to Protect and Control Your Money
Author: Merle Gilley
ISBN – Trade Paperback: 978-1-936449-70-5
ISBN – eBook: MOBI 978-1-936449-71-2
ISBN – eBook: EPUB 978-1-936449-71-2
LOCCN – 2015940333
Pages: 162
Print specs: Crème interior/Gloss lam cover
List Price: Trade Paperback – $24.95. EBook – $19.99
Publication date: January 15, 2017

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