Nfhs Softball Bat Rules 2019

2-65-2: Clearly states that there can be no appeal against the match that took place until the referee grants an intentional walk. 6-1-2a, b: Clearly indicates which movement represents the beginning of pitching and when the step back of the non-swivel foot can be made. APPENDIX H: An annex to the RFP/FLEX rules has been added for quick reference. Reason: It is specified that the direction of the game can designate a multimedia area in the dead ball area. 1-1-7, 2-22-4, Table 5-1, 5-1-1o: Media are prohibited from remaining in the live ball area. The home team or match management may designate a media area in the dead ball zone. PENALTY 6-1-1, PENALTY 6-1-2 to 4, PENALTY 6-2-1, PENALTY 6-2-7: In the case of an illegal playground, the batter receives a ball. The penalty that allowed baserunners to obtain a base without excluding liability will be removed. Reason: The new language creates more balance between offense and defense. The batter should receive the prize and not the runners who are already on base. Rationale: Clearly indicates that an adjustable knob is permitted as long as the button is permanently attached by the manufacturer. 1-8-4: Defensive players are allowed to wear a shield on their face shield/head on the field, but it must be made of a molded and rigid material that is clear and allows 100% light transmission (without tint). 2-65-2, 3-5-1 NOTE, 5-1 Table, 5-1-1k, 6-2-5, 7-1-2 PENALTY 3, 8-2-4 PENALTY, 8-4-3, 10-1-1 Rationale: To help minimize risk, tinted eye shields for defensive face and head protection are prohibited.

1-5-2a: The knob can be shaped, turned, welded or adjustable, but must be fixed permanently.

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