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“Nevada Disability & Law Center (NDALC) is a private, statewide, non-profit organization that serves as a government-mandated protection and advocacy system for the human, legal, and disability rights.” The American Bar Association provides a significant amount of information and guidelines to the public on free legal services. They also provide links to information directories to communicate with legal aid firms and lawyers participating in pro bono programs. Many veterans face various legal issues or have questions or concerns about legal issues. There are many resources available to help you do this. The Nevada State Bar is a governing body for legal practitioners to protect the public interest and ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Information for the public in need of legal assistance, including options for “finding a lawyer” and a number of contacts for various state-provided programs, can be found on their website For those who do not qualify for legal aid, you can use the Nevada State Bar Association`s Lawyer Referral Service. “To serve our members, our profession and the public by defending freedom and delivering justice as national representatives of the legal profession.” The centre provides resources and services to help veterans overcome the barriers of civilian life, reintegrate with family and friends, prevent homelessness and poverty, and represent wounded warriors. For more information, call or call 213-385-2977. Our team of lawyers helps immigrants obtain and maintain their legal immigration status. We`re excited to announce our new web series, where various Nevada legal employees will host video and audio content to learn about important news, changes in legal restrictions, and more.

Our roadmap for this particular series includes many ways to listen and see. Justice For Vets is a professional services division of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Alexandria, Virginia. Justice for Vets believes that no veteran or military member should suffer gaps in service or the justice system when returning to their community. As guardians of the veterans` treatment court movement, Veterans Justice keeps veterans out of prison and connects them with the benefits and treatment they deserve. To save their lives, their families and their future and save taxpayer money for the American public. Justice for Veterans Affairs will ensure that the criminal justice system effectively identifies, assesses and responds to all veterans involved in justice, and will lead national efforts to establish veterans` treatment tribunals within reach of every Veteran in need. As a national leader, Justice For Vets will vigorously advocate for veterans` treatment tribunals and mobilize the public to take action to ensure that no veteran is left behind. “Washoe Legal Services provides qualified residents with free, high-quality legal services and representation to bring them justice in civil cases involving human needs and autonomy. Washoe Legal Services also recruits lawyers to provide pro bono services to address unmet legal needs in the community. “We provide experienced and diverse civil law services to protect the human rights of Northern Nevada`s most needy residents. Visit the ABA website on Also visit the ABA Home Front`s website on, which contains a national directory of state and local legal organizations, including contact information for legal and pro bono aid programs, lawyer referral programs, and local military-specific legal programs.

I am looking for advice to help my son with a criminal complaint. He is 26 years old and has no past. He was assigned a public defender. As we all know, the office has no means or desire to help in any way. I went to see a private lawyer for advice. It gave me hope that a defense would let him out sooner than what public defenders did with ADA. Unfortunately, with this defense comes a price that I have not reached financially. I have money, but not what she was asking for. What I need to know is how to fire the and find a lawyer paid by the state, and then I will pay the expenses; First and foremost, an assessment, investigators to review the evidence, a paralegal to review all the findings, and then the lawyer will have all the information necessary to present it in order to get a better deal.

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