Midland Credit Management Pre Legal Notification Reddit

CCCS contacted Midland and learned that the funds had been miscounted and would take 4-6 months to correct them. This is unacceptable. It doesn`t take that long to transfer money from the wrong account to my account. I sent them a letter on December 7, 2018 to publish my payment and settle this account through the court. Neither has occurred until today, December 20, 2018. I`m trying to delete my credit report, but Midland is hesitant to publish my payment. I worked at Best Buy many years ago and we were able to look up receipts at ATMs using the credit card (or card number) used. Could be an option to try to find that old receipt. Also to clarify: you owe the debt, so you are the “debtor”. The organization that sent you the letter is the “creditor.” The above statements refer to a 2nd pre-litigation letter from Midland Credit.

They definitely own the account because I found a letter submitted by the OC saying they own the account. The letter says I have to call before 4:10 p.m. to prevent them from referring my case to a lawyer. Again, I`m lost for fear of opening Pandora`s box when I call. And if I don`t call, they take another lawyer and the costs go up. Your state should have free legal aid if you have a low income, it can be a pain, but try to connect with them. I had an old credit card debt that Midland had bought, nothing huge. They called mercilessly day and night. I was served court documents in February 2018 – they sued me for $1000, wasted money on a lawyer doing it, lol. Take care of your back, because it`s legal for them to get a verdict against you, and you`ll never know (thankfully, I did). If they threaten to sue you and they don`t intend to sue you, get a lawyer as soon as possible.

In my case, I called you VOLUNTARILY and settled two more cc accounts, I believe. So it was ridiculous to sue me. I explained that our salary had been going down for a while and we couldn`t make our payments, but we had fixed things! Midland Credit is very serious about collecting this debt because it is a large amount and a valid debt. So legal action that they will still win. So, move on to the next steps quickly and quickly. If the debt is still within the statute of limitations for a lawsuit, look at the arbitration. The cost of arbitration for them is greater than the value of your debts. Confirm that the original creditor had arbitration in the contract at the time of your default (Cap1 and Chase did not, but most of the others). Although the balance is small, there is NO WAY to pay this amount at this time. Unless they want to get $20 a month for the next 5 years, which I doubt they will agree with. Is there a way to try to get them to eat a balanced diet and leave me alone? What refund options, if any, do I have? Should I even bother at this point or just ignore it? I panic a little bit because I don`t want legal things to be brought against me that are registered or that could affect future employment. About a month ago, Midland was completely removed from my husband`s credit report.

I have a Midland for about 6k also currently. Let it rest until they want to play ball and settle for much less. These buyers of junk debts are the foam of the earth, they do not earn a penny, the original creditor does. The amount is $4105.82. This is an old Capital One credit card account. The default date is 27.09.2017. At the time, I was living in Pennsylvania, then I moved abroad outside the United States, and just recently, in January of this year, I returned to the United States, but now I`m at MD. Unfortunately, I made some stupid financial decisions years ago. Now I`m fighting for it.

The opinion is 20/20. Thank you for your reply. I searched mailboxes last year. I try to keep things. I found a letter from Credit One telling me that they sold them my account in June 2020. Why it took so long (mcm) to respond to this must have been Covid. Anyway, I spoke to a lawyer. He told me to write a letter to appeal to their difficult forgiveness program, that`s what he says. I hope this saves me time.

Along with the letter, I attached an earlier report on my illness from my doctor and reports from the CDC and FDA on the impact of the Covid-19 vaccine on people like me with Meneires` disease. Do I need to mention that I work with other creditors? About 2 1/2 – 3 years ago, I had an account with a credit agency. Some things happened in my life that made me unable to pay the balance, which was/is slightly less than $1000. A few days ago, I received a “pre-legal notice” from the company saying they would send the information to a lawyer if I didn`t respond. Well, this weekend ended with this beautiful letter brought by my neighbor, our home addresses are almost exactly the same. The letter had been opened. I know that this CO has removed his list from my credit reports and has been replaced by Midland. I do not dispute the allegation. But with that, I`m in a terrible financial mess. I am unemployed and I have other creditors behind me.

Midland sent a copy of the statement and I received a letter from OC over a year ago saying they sold my account to Midland. My goal in asking for help here is to ask at this point if I should call Midland before the 10-16 deadline to see if they would be willing to take less? How much less? I have no money and I drive a 2006 vehicle with 220,000 miles.

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