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Edit: legal thrillers that connect with the corporate world? IMO, the best forensic drama ever written, is not a novel, but a play – try John Grisham`s “The Pelican Letter.” Grisham has written a cargo of right-wing thrillers, but this is probably his best known, if not the most recent. Fracture was a great right-wing thriller. Anthony Hopkins is making the movie, and it was great to see him play this “smarter villain than you” again (Hannibal Lecter anyone?). I really like John Grisham and have read most of his books. The ones I liked the most were The Guardians, The Rouge Lawyer and The Chamber. If you`re reading the room, follow up with Bryan Stevenson`s Just Mercy. There are a lot of legal movies out there. I think the number of realists is very small. It`s not a movie, but Better Call Saul is pretty revealing about the legal profession. I`m looking for a good right-wing thriller.

When I Google them, almost everything listed is by John Grisham. I`ve read three books by John Grisham and I`m not impressed. I think they are poorly written and are too heavy with racist nuances. He is practically obsessed with racism and exaggerates it a lot. One of his books was actually set in the city where I grew up, making it feel like he was full of racist from the `30s or something like that. I was a little offended by that. So, if you want to read a great true crime story about one of the largest organized crime networks in the world? Read Selwyn Raab`s Five Families. You will learn how the mafia strangled New York from 1950 to 1990. And legally, no one could touch them. until RICO and a certain U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and his team pursue them.

You`ll also read about the FBI`s efforts to tap phones and get information. I just finished William Landay`s Defending Jacob and couldn`t get it out of my hand. I`m pretty new to the world of legal fiction, but I`ve always been a fan of psychological thrillers. I`d love to read something else along those lines; well-written dialogues and surprising twists and turns are a must. What are the best legal thrillers I should read next? Not a strictly legal thriller, but a corporate and accident investigation. I just saw the classic Paper Chase again, which I was very happy to find on Netflix. I know there are some good TV shows for lawyers on Netflix (from West Wing to Damages to Ally McBeal), so I wanted to know if there were any other movies I should watch! This film has probably the best representation of a trial I`ve ever seen, and Jimmy Stewart`s opening interview with Ben Gazzara is often discussed and analyzed in legal ethics classes. Sacred brilliant film. Scott Turrow`s right-wing thriller is a cut on Grisham.

Start with the presumption of innocence. If you`re open to fantasy, you might also like {{Max Gladstone`s Three Parts Dead}}, which combines urban fantasy and right-wing thrillers. It`s a strange combination, but I really enjoyed it. In a phenomenally constructed world where justice is a collective force granted to the few, artisans can fly with lightning and gargoyles can rule cities, Three Parts Dead introduces readers to an ethical landscape where the line between good and evil blurs. {{State of Fear}} by Michael Crichton. Not quite a legal thriller, but still a good read, IMO. Scott Turow writes great court books. Presumably innocent is the best! Probably the right answer.

I`m a lawyer and I usually despise “legal thrillers,” but Connelly`s books are a rare exception to this rule. He usually adheres quite closely to the current law, rather than just inventing the rules while moving forward. And that doesn`t stand in the way of a quick plot and full of twists and turns. For context, here are some of my favorite (slightly more recent) non-legal thrillers: I`m not against the detective mystery, but preferably against the legal type. Any good suggestions? I don`t watch too many legal movies or TV shows. I never did it until I learned the law, and now that I`ve done it, I rarely do it – it`s so foreign, but it feigns familiarity. It`s like, I realize it`s a courtroom – although much cleaner, nicer and more organized than I`ve ever seen before – but I don`t realize what`s going on there. The legal context is well documented and it has a great dry Australian comedy. The lawyer of the small town is hilarious. In Paris, a physicist dies after conducting a laboratory experiment for a beautiful visitor.

In the jungle of Malaysia, a mysterious buyer buys a deadly cavitation technology built to his specifications. In Vancouver, a small research submarine is leased for use in the waters off New Guinea. And in Tokyo, an intelligence officer is trying to figure out what all this means. This is how Michael Crichton`s exciting and provocative State of Fear technothriller begins. Only Michael Crichton`s unique ability to mix scientific fact and thrilling fiction could bring such different elements to a heartbreaking conclusion. It is Michael Crichton`s most complete thriller. State of Fear takes the reader from the glaciers of Iceland to the volcanoes of Antarctica, from the arizona desert to the deadly jungles of the Solomon Islands, from the streets of Paris to the beaches of Los Angeles. The novel moves forward, takes the reader on a roller coaster and keeps the brain booming. State of Fear is captivating and thought-provoking and Michael Crichton at his best. As a lawyer, I love Michael Clayton.

He understands very well the real legal work – the clients, the treatment of in-house lawyers, the policy of the law firm and the fact that most cases never go to court. I`ve recently seen adaptations by John Grisham. I find it interesting that in the mid-90s there was such a demand from the public for right-wing thrillers in which weapons are rarely drawn, do not have explicit sex, and usually reach their climax with a monologue in the courtroom. Anyway, it led me to revisit my favorite right-wing thriller, Michael Clayton, which is improving exponentially. What are your favorite right-wing thrillers? I read Grisham, but never Patterson.

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