Best Law Firms for Internship in India

Internships play an important role here in giving students a practical insight into what to expect after completing their law studies. The outside world is working on the practical application of the law offered through internships. The importance of an internship is so great that it helps to consolidate the theoretical knowledge acquired through the necessary exposure in the real world. Besides good work, the second best thing is the friendly work environment that is common to almost all large companies. You will have a good staff to guide you and help you whenever necessary. Interns must write a two-page report at the end of their internship. Students who complete an internship program must make a presentation at the end of the internship. Students may choose to write a scientific paper that relates to the legal issues they have addressed during their internships beyond the presentation. Interns must complete the internship form. And finally, the internship certificate is issued by the company. Like most law firm internships, you can work on various topics and areas of the profession. However, you mainly stay in the area where you want to work.

You rarely receive work that does not fall within the jurisdiction of the chosen region. However, you must be prepared for any work given to the intangible, whether you have studied this subject or not. Apart from the above, here are some of the firms that can be considered good options: Here are the best law firms for an internship in the adr field – Larger or specialized law firms can advise and represent multinational clients in cross-border disputes, international arbitrations and broader investigations. Once you have been selected as an intern, we expect you to complete at least one month of internship with us, during which it is mandatory for you to make a project and presentation at the end of the internship. The presentation must focus on a topic to be decided by your mentor. The topics would be framed in a way that ignites the creative spark within you and often invite you to think outside the box. The presentation will be given in front of an audience of all your fellow interns as well as professionals of the organization. We expect the presentation to be of the highest quality, as it would set the standard for your added value to the organization. This course is designed to enable law students to overcome two major challenges: secure corporate internships (in commercial law firms or corporations) and outstanding achievements so that you can get a job offer. Typical ways are to get a PPO (pre-placement offer), an interview, or a reminder for a subsequent internship (with the feeling that it can be converted into a job offer). HOW TO APPLY: Fill out the detailed form available at In this section you will find a list of the best places to apply if you want to work in the field of corporate law.

You can first check the vacancies for ADR internship positions on the firm`s official website, which will be updated in due course and can be contacted directly by sending the email to [email protected]. With increasing growth opportunities, working in corporate law is often seen by law students as a very lucrative option. To build a successful career in the same, it is very important to have an understanding of the different legal topics and to have an insight into what it is like to work in the corporate world. An internship in the corporate sector brings you closer to realizing the aspirations to be part of the rapidly changing system. It allows students to experience first-hand what corporate law is in practice, the essence of working on different types of businesses and much more. This is a very important part of the holistic development of law students. You can contact the ADR internship opportunity by writing an email to [email protected], also for any other related questions you may need to ask. The objective of the internship program is to train and develop students` skills in the promotion and protection of intellectual property rights through advocacy, activism, research and education. Student interns gain practical experience in the field, conduct independent research, or experience intellectual property issues of interest to them.

You can apply for the ADR internship on the official portal of the website by filling in the required personal and academic data. Also, be sure to apply for at least 1 or 2 months from the date you wish to join the job. Law as a profession has several areas that can be explored. Company law is one of those areas that offers a wide range of possibilities! This is a path worth exploring for law students. It brings great benefits and challenges. No two transactions take place in the corporate world are the same. Hands-on experience allows you to gain practical knowledge and in-depth knowledge of how a business works. Doing internships while studying law and after is extremely helpful in shaping the future. A proverb sums it up – you won`t know if you don`t try.

You can also apply to other companies that revolve around business practices. To name a few, as mentioned earlier, these types of internships provide a working understanding of theoretical knowledge. In addition, these internships are the closest to the actual work culture of the company and therefore help to refresh a student`s skills to get a corporate job later in life. Students from law schools with which the company conducts coordinated internship programs can contact their respective campus coordinating committee for more information. The term litigation refers to the process or practice of resolving a dispute in a court. Law firms with litigation practice are required to represent the client`s interests before district courts, high courts, the Supreme Court of India, various commissions, judicial and quasi-judicial authorities on various legal matters. ALMT Legal is a dynamic and progressive full-service Indian law firm that provides high quality Indian expertise with international competence. With around 70 lawyers and 20 partners in offices located in strategic shopping malls such as Mumbai and Bangalore, ALMT enjoys an established reputation as one of India`s leading law firms. When it comes to a corporate internship, it benefits the law student in many ways. Some of them are listed below: you can contact the firm directly by writing an email to apply for an internship by sending your CV with your cover letter to [email protected]. You can contact the ADR internship directly by filling out the form provided on the official portal of the company`s website. You should be able to complete and submit the form to successfully complete the application process.

HSA Advocates is one of the leading law firms in the handling of disputes. The form is mainly recommended for litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution procedures. Company law is a very central branch of law as a profession. An internship in corporate law provides a deeper understanding of corporate law issues, which are of great importance to all members of the corporate world. Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co (SAM & Co), founded on nearly a century of legal services, is one of the leading full-service law firms in India. The company`s mission is to enable the company to provide solutions as trusted advisors through excellence, responsiveness, innovation and collaboration. In this article, Astha Gupta of the Rajiv Gandhi National Law University, Punjab, gives a list of the best corporate law internships in India. In short, it is recommended that internships in corporate law be irrelevant to whether or not to be interested in this area of law, as the learning associated with it is essential to the overall studies of any law student. Labour law is one of the most emerging areas of law. In this article, Team YLCC presents the top 10 law firms in labor law for legal internships. Read on! To improve your articling skills, check out Ace your articling program at lawSikho. Send your CV and cover letter to the human resources department at least 6 to 7 months before the date of the internship at the place of recruitment internship`

Trilegal was founded by former NLSIU graduates; The three graduates practiced independently for a year and then were merged with the newly formed company that became known as “Trilegal”. It is now one of the leading law firms in the country. Maheshwari & Co. has extensive internship experience and considers mentoring and student education as part of its core mission. Maheshwari & Co. has openings for two interns every month at any time. All interns come from various major faculties/institutes/law schools. The Intern Policy offers unpaid internships to interested students, graduates and Doctoral students. Depending on your performance, you may be offered a job opportunity in the future.

Delhi Internship – This list of the best law firms is sorted alphabetically. HOW TO APPLY: We ask that you submit your application eight to twelve weeks before the preferred internship date so that we can contact you four to six weeks before the start of these dates. You can either upload your resume and fill out the form HERE, or email us at the addresses below depending on your preferred location: Are you looking for commercial law firms in India for internships and jobs? The growth of Vaish Associates Advocates (“Firm”) was founded in 1971 and is a fervent tribute to its founder, the late Mr.

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