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Whether you`re trying to improve your productivity in the office or find a way to unsubscribe in time for dinner and get home, these books are useful resources for managing your time more efficiently. Today, I bring a list of 5 books for the company`s candidates recommended by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO and co-founder of LavSikho. I also write what he learned from these books and what corporate law lessons you can learn from each of them. Let`s talk about it. Have you read any of these books? Someone I left out? Let me know in the comments. This book is a must for any corporate lawyer or securities attorney candidate. Real estate law governs the processes of acquisition, enjoyment and transfer of land. Equip yourself to be a trusted advocate for homeowners with the following books. The 10th edition of Business Law includes attractive case studies and graphics to help you become familiar with key concepts in the field. There are a variety of examples that give a clear picture of the complexity that influences legal business decisions. He deals with the affairs of the Federal and Supreme Courts of the United States. You can also examine the environmental and ethical implications of business law.

Writer Henry R. Cheeseman is a professor at the University of Southern California. He is one of the top specialists in business law and financial matters and has received the Golden Apple Teaching Award for outstanding achievements. If you`ve read so far and would like to pursue a career in corporate law, join us for a FREE 3-day online bootcamp on How to Start Your Career as a Corporate Lawyer from June 12-14, 2021 from 6pm to 9pm Indian Standard Time. The law school does a poor job of preparing in-house lawyers for the practice of the law. They spend most of their time discussing legal theory and learning to “think like a lawyer” – no matter what that means. In the real world, it helps to have practical skills to help you start your career. I am often asked what books I would recommend to a new lawyer. Here are my top five. Answer- You can read books like Business Law by Robert W. Emerson J.D., Cengage Advantage Books: Law for Business, 19th edition of Ashcroft, Ashcroft and Patterson and International Business Law and Its Environment, 10th edition of Schaffer, Agusti and Dhooge buy, among others, while studying business law. It is one of the most comprehensive books on company law.

The author has dealt with all the essential subjects of business law. The 19th edition describes the legal system and environment of businesses, contracts, sales and corporate organizations. Gain in-depth knowledge of risky devices such as insurance and bankruptcy. Particular attention will be paid to negotiating instruments and workers` rights. The book also covers some of the recent trade scandals and their legal implications. The American Bar Association described this book by Legal Writing Pro president Ross Guberman as “sound advice backed by the practice of the best in the industry.” Filled with writing examples from the best lawyers in the country, Guberman does a great job of breaking down each piece into actionable techniques that readers can use to improve their own writing. If you`re ready to dive deep into the world of legal project management, this book is for you. Here you will find simple definitions and practical instructions for implementing a legal project management process. In addition, ideas from more than 30 law firms, corporate lawyers, consultants, and legal project management software providers are included throughout the book. Lawyers and business people benefit from the concrete examples and practical exercises included in this book.

Practical summaries of applicable law and excerpts from relevant cases make this book a practical reference book for paralegals, business professionals, lawyers or anyone looking for a better understanding of intellectual property law. This New York Times bestseller takes readers into the minds of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who shared her views on everything from Jewishness to gender equality to the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. The novel also includes classic RBG quotes and chapter introductions by Mary Hartnett and Wendy W. Williams, their biographers and professors licensed at Georgetown Law, giving each section additional context. Venture Deals: Be smarter than your lawyer and venture capitalist brad Feld and Jason Mendelson. These two writers organized a master class for young startup founders to learn how to get smart before meeting lawyers and venture capitalists. The irony is that it`s also a perfect book for a young lawyer. Written in plain English and aimed at smart people who simply lack experience in the field of venture capital, it is easy to read and yet full of interesting information. This is especially useful for familiarizing yourself with the vocabulary of a corporate lawyer.

While these books don`t fall into any of the specific legal categories we`ve covered, they`re still excellent reads that offer insightful and nuanced views on the legal industry. Are you looking for specialized publications on the different areas of immigration law? These books on immigration law are valuable to both novice and experienced practitioners. These books provide guidance on the role of lawyers in divorce, adoption and custody cases. Although this was written for an audience of law students, it is still one of the best books to understand corporate law. This text deals with state and federal company law in a user-friendly style. If you need to interpret laws in a business or financial context, this is a great read to keep on your shelf. During this bootcamp, you`ll learn about important work done by a corporate lawyer, such as: The book is rich in contemporary content and examples that apply to a wide range of readers looking to build a career in business law. The examples presented range from pioneers to current and remarkable court decisions. The authors of this book have covered topics such as e-commerce, ethics, digital and corporate law. There is a section that describes the different impacts of digital advances on commercial law.

Students benefit from numbered examples, summaries, and sample responses. Answer- You should get your hands on “Corporate Crime An Introduction to the Law and its Application” to study Corporate Criminal Law. The importance of a trusted business consultant cannot be overstated. Get insights to protect your customers` best interests with the following business readings. These books break down the complexity of the U.S. income tax code in an easy-to-understand way (yes, really). The authors cover the key insights that influence corporate regulation and morality in today`s world. Topics covered include on-demand economics, telematics surveillance, environmental change, and transgender privilege, to name a few.

Intellectual property (IP) is incredibly valuable, but only if you know how to protect it. These books on intellectual property help to understand the notoriously complex aspects of intellectual property law. Q2. Which books should you choose while studying business law? Add these books to your reading list if you`re looking for a legal precedent or just want to investigate key cases that have shaped the United States.

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