Bear Canister Requirements Pct

Much of the guidance overlaps with land management agencies, but there are some inconsistencies and the rules can sometimes be confusing (even when talking to rangers). The safest way to make sure you comply with the regulations is simply to carry an approved bear cartridge. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (SEKI) only require bear cans in three specific areas. For more information, see the map and area descriptions. Outside of these areas, you should use food storage boxes (such as bear boxes) or the counterweight method (e.g., hanging bears), depending on the park`s information page. The Ursack is not your normal bear canister. In fact, it`s a sturdy enough storage bag to keep animals, including bears, away from your food. It is not approved everywhere on the PCT, but for security and continuous storage, the ursack is a good option to carry all the way. An ursack is lighter than a normal bear can and ideal for very weight-conscious hikers who always want to protect their food. This site also says it`s 3 miles from the PCT: regulations and decent wandering ethic state that you need to protect your food properly, often in a very specific way.

Defending your food by storing it in your tent or on the ground nearby is often ineffective, reckless and does not meet the requirement. In general, you should store your food in a bear can or hang it using the counterweight method. It should be noted that ursack may not be allowed in some parks where visitors must use a bear cartridge. It is easy to use and can pack food for up to 5 days and is our choice for use in Grizzlyland. In other words, there are food lockers in the backcountry. There are not enough food traps in the backcountry to meet the requirement for bear cans. Yosemite is one such place. In areas where cans of bears are needed, you need to have them. When bears enter human food, they create a jumble of food and packaging that is scattered. Backpackers whose bears fail lack food and often have to leave the backcountry to take care of themselves before continuing their journey. Bears that repeatedly approach humans may need to be euthanized because they pose a significant threat to humans who place themselves between animals and the food they are looking for.

If you are new to Thruhiking, you may not know that we carry cans of bears mainly for the benefit of bears. « A fed bear is a dead bear. » That is, once a bear has taken a liking to people`s food, it is likely to become problematic and potentially dangerous, and it will eventually be euthanized. Do not feed the bears. Here is an exhaustive list of bear cans that have been approved by Yosemite NP. As I understand it, this is essentially the standard for accepted doses for the entire Sierra section. What about the fact that bears can actually get into BV models? Of course, they are the most beautiful option if you never meet a bear. But in this situation, the best option would be not to have a can at all. Haven`t you seen all the photos and read the stories of bears biting easily in BV cans? I chose Garcia because it seems to be the best option that actually works.

Triple Crown Outfitters, in Kennedy Meadows, usually rents bear vaults to hikers who can be returned further north – Kennedy Meadows North? A BV500 weighs about two pounds. Kennedy Meadows (South) at Sonora Pass is the section where you should have a can of bear. Learn more about the requirement for bear cans in the Lassen Volcanic National Park. All bear cans listed here are approved for use on the PCT. The logistics of buying, renting, shipping, and returning a bear cartridge can be a pain, especially if you don`t expect to use a bear cartridge beyond your time on the PCT. You are welcome to use other equipment that does not require cans. But where they are needed, you need to use an authorized canister. The BV500 is the most popular PCT bear canister according to the PCT Hiker Survey. It is made of polycarbonate (i.e. transparent blue plastic) and has a capacity of 11.5 liters.

Yes, it weighs 41 oz / 1,162 kg (aka 2 lb 9 oz) and will take up plenty of space in your backpack, but that`s the nature of the bear cartridge. To open the bear can, you need to press two different tabs on the lid (one at a time) to move them beyond a plastic cap. It`s not that complicated. The lid of this bear cartridge comes off completely. The opening is slightly narrower than the rest of the bear cartridge. Please respect the laws and carry a can of bears (they are the same for bears as for you). Don`t be a bag. Similar to the BV450, you can easily open the lid without tools. And the high-quality polycarbonate makes this bear can very durable.

It is the most commonly seen bear box on the PCT. Backpacker`s Cache is simple, simple and inexpensive. This is a good option for the Pacific Crest Trail and the John Muir Trail. The Backpacker Cache is heavy and bulky compared to storage space, but it is a good economical option that meets the requirements of food storage. It is extremely difficult to find a suitable tree and properly balance the pockets. The counterweight is no longer as effective as it used to be. Even if hanged properly, bears can find a way to get your food – some bears chew tree branches to get food.

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