Atlas Bipod Law Enforcement Discount

The BT10 (dual screw terminal assembly) is our standard bipod, which is attached directly to a Picatinny rail with two split head screws. This will be a more permanent installation for your rifle. Currently, we do not offer a bipod that can be attached directly to a sling. When the Atlas was selected for the USSOCOM sniper rifle system, the Atlas Sniper Rifle (PSR) bipod was developed in response to feedback from military testing. These changes include non-rotating outer legs, bosses limiting the front and rear pivot (two pegs that help keep the muzzle at the same height when loading a rifle onto the bipod) and a 40% stronger inner leg. All models still have 15 degrees +/- of the pre-installed tray and 15 degrees +/- of the pre-installed cant. The five positions of the legs are 0, 45, 90, 135 and 180 degrees. Compare the bipodes of the Atlas. Follow this link to learn how to turn your fake into a credit for an authentic Atlas bipod: Wright Project Follow this link to learn more about the process of coating a bipedal tripod: Coating an Atlas bipod. We support law enforcement and military communities and are proud to produce products that have proven beneficial to these professionals.

As a sign of our appreciation for this service provided to America, we give priority to LEO/military commands and give them a 10% discount. This is a discount program for eligible buyers only; You do not register or enroll in any type of LE program Eligible participants may purchase 2 weapons per calendar year and order them from a participating B&T USA first responder sub-distributor. Purchases from distributors (with a point of sale) or sub-distributors can be made directly to their location by simply looking at your credentials (approved buyer ID). The BT10-NC (no clamp; it does not have the means to be attached to a rail) is designed for our customers who want to use their own quick release lever. You would still need a lever to be able to attach the bipod to a Picatinny rail. You can also use the BT10-NC if you need to use our BT19 (AI) or BT21 (TRG) faucets. Obviously, there are six main ways to distinguish between an authentic Atlas bipod and a fake. Please refer to the image below.

The bipod on the left is an authentic bipod of the Atlas, while the bipod on the right is a false/copy/false/imitation (ccfk). To identify an authentic atlas, consider the overall quality of the finish, the appearance of the surface, the fit and the finish. In particular, the leg screw (1), the position plate (2) and the position button (3) of an authentic atlas have heat-treated stainless steel components that are characterized by the matte surface compared to the glossy, reflective and chrome surface on a CCFK leg screw (1), the position plate (2) and the position button (3). All you need is a 1913 style Picatinny rail attached to your rifle to mount one of our bipods. Compare bipedal splints. B&T Industries L.L.C. strongly recommends that a competent gunsmith make all modifications to each firearm. Watch this video to learn how to install a rail on a synthetic shaft. Psr models are the BT46-LW17, standard height including quick release lever, and BT46-NC, standard height without clamp. Also the BT47-LW17, high including quick release lever, and BT47-NC, high without clamps. If you need a little more height in your bipod, we recommend the BT47. First, we expect all of our dealers to comply with the manufacturer`s [MAP] advertised prices.

We offer special introductory prices for new products. And from time to time we offer Blemished products with a larger discount to those who have subscribed to our customer newsletter. Yes, our military/LEO discount is in addition to our impeccable products. B&T Industries` Atlas bipods were launched in 2010 as the next natural evolution of the company`s already popular Accu-Shot products. Atlas has brought several new features to the biped market, including multiple positioning feet, pans and cants in lightweight and powerful packaging. This Atlas Bipedal Atlas bipedal accessory has become popular with civilian shooters, law enforcement and military shooters around the world. Learn about the quality and durability of Atlas bipods and why you should “not accept substitutions”. OpticsPlanet is proud to provide you with these great products, so we offer FREE shipping on all orders over $49. Not sure which bipod is right for you? It doesn`t matter! Contact our product specialists by phone, email or chat for expert advice and check out our how-to articles and blog posts for even more information! The BT10-LW17 has a quick detachable lever. This way, you can quickly turn the bipod on and off, as you may want to use it with multiple rifles. All of our Atlas bipods work for you as long as you can put a 1913-style Picatinny rail on your rifle. Once you have attached a Picatinny rail to your rifle, you can mount one of our Atlas bipods.

Choosing which Atlas bipod is best for you depends on what you want and need in a bipod. Compare the bipodes of the Atlas. Current production, the authentic Atlas bipods will have a comb on the necklace (5), while most fake ones do not. It is extremely important to note that early versions [V7] Atlas Bipods do not have a rim comb on the collar. For this reason, an exact distinction cannot be made by looking at the collars alone, and other features should be taken into account. However, if it is “new to the box” and does not have this crest, it is a ccfk. In addition, authentic Atlas bipeds come in a clear plastic bag with a yellow instruction card. Ccfks often come in a box. Please send the discount documentation to Be sure to provide your order number or order date and the credit will be applied. Yes, we offer a 10% military/LEO discount on everything we make.

Please contact with proof of your service to be eligible. KF Armory GmbH. 5755 North Point Pkwy Unit 49 Alpharetta, GA 30022 678-990-3038 Our shortest Picatinny rail is 2.05 inches long. The ADM-170-S lever adapts perfectly to this centre-centre distance. Compare bipedal splints. Follow this link to our monopod size and application page: How to best size an Accu Shot precision monopod The best way to make sure you get an authentic Atlas bipod is to order from an authorized dealer or directly from B&T Industries. If you suspect that you have purchased a counterfeit product, you can send us a photo of your product and we can confirm whether it is an authentic B&T product or a fake one. Please send this information. Arms Unlimited Law Enforcement Supply 2061 Pabco Rd Henderson NV 89011 702-209-3928 Bauer Precision 3801 I-35 #34 Denton, TX 76207 888-507-9223 We have these washers and can provide them for free.

You can send a photo of the defective item with an explanation of what happened. We will respond with RMA information so you can send us the defective item for necessary repairs/adjustments. Please send this information. It may be common for the voltage button to be a little tight at first. After use, it should begin to loosen. Next day shipping is usually not offered, but we do offer express delivery, the fastest service in the U.S. Postal Service. Check with the USPS to see how quickly delivery can be made from our zip code 67202 to your zip code. The transit time depends on the place of delivery at 67202.

As a rule, this is 1-2 postal working days. Please read carefully: Incomplete or incorrect order forms are not processed Position plates (2) are machine cut from a solid stainless steel sheet on an authentic Atlas bipod and then heat treated, while the position plate of the counterfeit is punched from a sheet of unknown material, then coated with a shiny and reflective chrome surface. The overall finish (6) of an authentic Atlas bipod is made of 6061-T6 aluminum, which is anodized Mil-Spec type 3 hard lacquer. This process hardens the surface, making it extremely durable and therefore difficult to corrode or scratch, while the overall surface of ccfk (6) is made of an unknown material, appears as glossy black and scratches easily.

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