Ark Pc Recommended System Requirements

Looking for a finished system? We have 317 laptops in our database that can run ARK: Survival Evolved. We support over 97 gaming laptops under $1000. Check out our full table comparing laptops for the right systems or those best deals we`ve selected below. Based on the recommended requirements, we recommend a pc version that can run a consistent rate of at least 60 FPS at 1080p. This gives you the greatest value of the charts of the title and at the same time has a constant frame rate. Once you reach the late game, you`ll likely have more items on the screen at the same time, our next recommendation takes that into account. While a consistent 60 FPS isn`t absolutely necessary for this title and genre, it`s still good to have. If you have a system that barely meets the recommended requirements, you can look around 30-50 FPS at higher or higher settings. While you can get more by sacrificing some of the graphics quality, it may not be necessary. Try to survive in an alien world in Ark: Survival Evolved. You have to take care of the food, clothing and housing, but also many, many dinosaurs and extinct creatures. You can hunt them or turn them into horses.

You can even drive a sleep if you wish. It is recommended to have an Intel Core i5-3470 / AMD FX-8350 and a GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870. If you want to run ARK: Survival Evolved with settings above the absolute minimum, your PC must pass the recommended system requirements test. Officially, the graphics card requirements don`t change from minimum to recommended, but you should still have a modern graphics card that`s on top of a GeForce GTX 670 or Radeon HD 7870. Unlike the absence of a jump in the graphics card department, the recommended processor is much higher than the minimum. In your CPU slot, you must have at least one Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz or one AMD Ryzen R5 1500X or higher. Such a configuration would allow you to run ARK: Survival Evolved on high settings with good FPS. ARK: Survival Evolved requires a high SPF rate, which you should be able to achieve with the recommended requirements. However, you may encounter issues in densely populated areas, especially if you run the game with barely the minimum system requirements, and rejecting some graphics settings can be helpful here. The minimum system requirements for ARK Survival Evolved are at least 8 GB of RAM, a processor equivalent to an Intel Core i5-2400, and at least one AMD Radeon HD 7870 graphics card.

You need at least 60 GB of free hard disk space to install ARK: Survival Evolved. The developers do not specify a recommended hardware configuration, but only a minimum – if you run the game in 4K resolution, we recommend a graphics card that is much better than the minimum graphics card recommended by the developers. ARK has an “Epic” graphics tuning mode, which is extremely demanding even for high-end PCs. It`s another week, which means another fantastic free game from the Epic Games Store. This week, the free game that is offered is ARK: Survival Evolved by Studio Wildcard. Although it`s free, it`s still important to make sure your PC can run ARK: Survival Evolved, as there`s still at least one 60GB download to worry about. In this game, you play as a survivor on a mysterious island inhabited by a variety of dangerous creatures, including dinosaurs. You have to learn how to survive in this hostile environment alone or on a server with a large number of other players. He is similar to Conan Exiles. If you want to run ARK: Survival Evolved on your computer, you must pass the system requirements test. If you find yourself in a situation where you don`t meet the minimum, then maybe it`s finally time for an upgrade? You may be able to do this on your current system with optimized graphics settings, but if you`re still not sure, take a look at our guide below.

ARK: Survival Evolved works on PC systems running Windows 7 64-bit and above. In addition, there are Mac and Linux versions. If your PC can pass the minimum system requirements test for ARK: Survival Evolved, you should be able to run it on at least low to medium-sized graphics with solid FPS. The system requirements are slightly lower than red dead redemption 2, so many computers and laptops have a good chance of running it.

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